Top 10 Reasons to Migrate to CX-E 9

CX-E 9 offers a wealth of future-proofed features that can enhance and extend the life of your current phone system infrastructure, on-premises or in the cloud. CX-E 9 includes expanded scalability, multi-tenancy, and support for Microsoft’s Encryption File System (EFS) for end-to-end secure messaging.  […]

Infographic of 10 features in CX-E 9 unified communications

TeamQ and Click2Coach

Customer service has become a major differentiator for all enterprises. The quest for customer satisfaction and loyalty have driven the need for efficient and reliable call center solutions. Envision and AVST have teamed up to optimize the power of TeamQ®, AVST’s informal call center for next-generation workers.

In today’s workforce, a team may not be in a single location, but they need […]

TeamQ Informal Call Center UC Application

CX-E 9 for Enterprise-Class Communications

AVST is proud to release the latest version of the CX-E unified communications platform, engineered to facilitate the transition to cloud communications for enterprises worldwide. CX-E 9 offers key features ideally suited for customers and partners pivoting to the cloud: expanded scalability, multi-tenancy, support for Microsoft’s Encryption File System (EFS) for secure messaging, and much more.
AVST Live!
The next AVST Live! […]

Introducing CX-E 9 Video

Checklist for Microsoft Exchange Online UM Alternative

One foot in the cloud with Office 365, the other foot firmly planted on-premises with your PBX? Microsoft’s session border controllers (SBC) have provided the connection from third party on-premise telephony platforms to Microsoft Exchange Online Unified Messaging – Ground Control to Major Cloud. But now, Microsoft is discontinuing support for the use of their SBC.

Are you ready to move […]

Infographic of a Checklist for Microsoft Exchange Online UM Alternative

Microsoft Exchange Online UM – Beat the Deadline

Beginning this July, Microsoft Exchange Online Unified Messaging will no longer offer direct session border controller (SBC) SIP access for a third party PBX. If you have a Cisco, Avaya or another third party PBX phone system connecting to Exchange Online UM, this will affect you. […]

AVST connects on-premise third party phone systems to MS Exchange Online UM

Voicemail 2.0 – All Grown Up

Voicemail doesn’t have to be the black hole of messaging anymore. Voicemail has evolved and continues to be a key communications application for organizations around the globe. It’s become Voicemail 2.0, all grown up. […]

Toddler in a suit on a mobile phone

Black Friday in July?

There has been a disturbance in the Force this holiday season as IT managers become aware of Microsoft’s discontinuation of support for existing SBCs to connect 3rd party PBX systems to Exchange Online Unified Messaging (UM). […]

Black Friday Shopping Mall

Transforming the Workplace with Speech Applications

Enterprise-class, speech-enabled UC applications are a major step to your digital future. As everyday users become accustomed to interacting with Siri, Google Assistant, and Alexa, voice prompted systems are increasingly accepted,  […]

Workers using speech applications

Unified Messaging in Transition

When Microsoft made their announcement regarding the discontinuation of support for Exchange Online UM customers connecting to a 3rd party on-premises PBX, it included four options. […]

Infographic of 5 ways AVST solves Microsoft's discontinued support for Exchange Online UM and 3rd party PBXs.