Calls Matter

Call completion and secure voice messaging are the linchpins of modern business communications. In a Dialpad study conducted in June 2016, business workers ranked picking up the phone as the #1 most effective and valued way of communicating externally, beating out email, IM, in-person, text messaging and video conferencing.


Why CX-E in the Cloud?

Why did we develop a cloud offering for CX-E, our unified communications solution?

SMBs have been embracing cloud communications for years. Now large organizations are looking at cloud options – both private and public models. While premises-based versions of CX-E remain the norm at the enterprise level, there is increasing interest in moving select UC components to the cloud.


BC Summit 2016 Wrap-up

This year’s BC Summit 2016 has come to a close.

The BC Summit (formerly the UC Summit) has become the de facto end-cap to the year for unified communications and collaboration programs. It’s a unique community of decision-makers, consultants, analysts, and enterprise customers. What makes this program work so well is the easy way relationships are forged. It’s also held in […]

5 Reasons Customers Trust AVST

Why AVST?  Trust.
Our mission is to build unified communications (UC) solutions that transform the productivity of individual workers, teams and businesses. Our emphasis on interoperability allows organizations to leverage the value of their existing IT infrastructure while building a bridge to future technologies. That’s why AVST is trusted by major universities, government agencies, and enterprises spanning the globe.


AVST Leadership in Government

AVST has worked with the government sector for more than 30 years, with over 1,400 government agencies worldwide relying on our unified communications solutions. Our customers include one-third of all U.S. state governments, the largest space agency on earth, international government agencies, and several of the largest cities in North America.


AVST Leadership in Education

The requirements for a communications solution in education have evolved and continue to change. Faculty and staff are typically scattered across a collection of buildings, campuses, and, increasingly, remote locations. An ever-growing number of the educational community need to access their institution’s network and resources from mobile devices. Effective call completion and easy, secure remote access have become a necessity.


September is in the Books

Several partnerships, projects and products came to fruition in September 2016 for AVST. The result of months of development and testing, releasing them all in September was gratifying, but made for a busy 30 days.

CX-E saw the release of a new version
Our partnership with XMedius
Our partnership with AudioCodes
Our partnership with Arrow Systems Integration
Microsoft Ignite 2016


Voice Is Not Going Away

Business has gone mobile, but voice remains the communication channel of choice. Picking up the phone remains the top option when complex messages need to be exchanged and decisions need to be made. Today’s society has a BYOD mindset for work, wanting to use all the phone capabilities from their private lives in business. Millennials in particular have an expectation […]

Ignite 2016

This week I’m in Atlanta and excited to be part of Microsoft’s Ignite event.

At the conference, I will be attending the keynotes and interviewing with several live media programs as we roll through the week. Our annual Meet Up, this year at the Hard Rock Cafe Atlanta, will be a special celebration with our invited guests and other Ignite attendees.

Ignite […]

Taking the Gamble Out of Communications Technology

Many companies, universities and other organizations invested in communications solutions which were perfect fits at the time. Jump ahead seven years – factoring in growth, mergers and acquisitions, sweeping technology changes – and many of these organizations find themselves with a complex system of telephony gear, video equipment, and IT applications from multiple vendors.

How best to make all these systems […]