Considering a UM Solution? Think about the 5 C’s

Considering a UM Solution? Think about the 5 C’s

There’s no arguing that conferencing and telepresence are important, but in a recent survey by Frost & Sullivan, Unified Messaging took priority, showing that over 50% of companies will expand their UM solution in the next 12 months. And for new adopters, nearly 30% of organizations plan to deploy UM.  So, with thousands of deployments worldwide, we’ve come up with a short list of 5 critical considerations when evaluating UM solutions from any vendor. Being a leader in UM, with 15+ years of experience and rated a “best-in-class” solution by several leading analyst firms, AVST can aid you in the decision process.


Existing Federal and State regulations regarding the retention and storage of electronic information means that it is critical to pay close attention to corporate compliance issues when considering the various UM solution architectures.

AVST’s Recommendation: Consult with your corporate compliance officer or legal counsel to ensure you pick the UM architecture that best meets your organization’s compliance requirements.


Preventing the external distribution of confidential corporate voice, e-mail and fax messages is, in many cases, as critical a consideration as compliance when evaluating UM solutions.

AVST’s Recommendation: Thoroughly understand your organization’s requirements for protecting the confidentiality of corporate data to ensure you select the correct UM architecture for your business.


Selecting a UM solution that has the architectural flexibility to future proof your investment is another critical consideration. Do you want to store your messages on the email server or not? AVST uniquely offers four different architectural options in its Unified Messaging solution to ensure your organization has the maximum deployment flexibility today and, just as importantly, the ability to change the configuration of your UM solution, on a per user basis.

AVST’s Recommendation: Attend an AVST webinar on Unified Messaging to ensure that you fully understand the implications of deploying every different UM architecture.


Understanding the capabilities of each Unified Messaging solution you are evaluating is another critical consideration. What are the features and flexibility of the solution? Does it meet the requirements of your users that will be accessing the solution via the desktop, web, phone and/or mobile device? Can you deploy different feature sets for different users?

AVST’s Recommendation: Click here for the Unified Messaging checklist to ensure that the Unified Messaging solutions you are evaluating have the features and flexibility your organization demands.


Understanding the total cost of ownership (TCO) for each Unified Messaging solution you are evaluating is another key consideration. Some questions to consider (and quantify) are:

Do I have to buy licenses for all employees in my organization?

How much will it cost me to add additional users in the future?

How much is the annual maintenance?

What additional hardware and software is required to deploy?

Do I need to upgrade or replace my groupware solution to get UM?

Will the UM solution integrate with my existing and future telephony infrastructure?

How much additional cost is involved if I decide to switch groupware solutions in the future?

How much will it cost to implement the UM solution?

AVST’s Recommendation: Develop a clear set of pricing, configuration and support guidelines and apply it to each UM solution you are evaluating. Consider a five year TCO timeframe to ensure that you have the whole picture.

So, when you’re deciding on a UM solution for your organization, remember the five C’s: compliance, confidentiality, configuration, capability and cost. Happy hunting!