UCC Defeats the Suite!

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22 Nov 2011

The main purpose of UC is to unify all types of communication in an easily managed way. Recently vendors have added another “C”, now UCC. The extra C stands for collaboration, taking into account Conferencing (Voice, Video, and Web), IM, and Presence.  With all these technologies supplied by multiple vendors, which solution is best?

According to eWeek.com; “The whole implementation process should take anywhere from 15 to 22 months, depending on your network readiness, extent of projects and planning expertise. Unified communications and collaboration are not new technologies. Rather, there are ways to get more “bang” out of existing communications and data channels—to squeeze more value out of everyday interactions among people and to make people more operationally efficient, and improve productivity everyday!”

Through AVST’s interoperability, enterprises can gain an understanding of exactly how to get more “bang” out of their existing infrastructure. With AVST’s platform, CallXpress, organizations can be more cost-effective, scalable, flexible, secure, and reliable with the ability to implement UCC. By taking our “a la carte” approach, organizations can move at their own pace, and easily add features that are specific to their current needs, eliminating any overspending and giving them the flexibility to make changes in the future.

Is UCC in your future? Let AVST help you get there – we believe in helping customers own their own future. Contact one of our sales representatives for more information.

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