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Tis the Season to Boost First-Time Call Completion

Tis the Season to Boost First-Time Call Completion

Santa TextingWith today’s mobile-first mentality, call completion is no longer just a matter of sending calls to a single phone number. Employees are working from different locations, utilizing multiple devices – from desk phones and softphones to mobile devices.

To make call routing successful, the routing process needs to be automatic, not requiring any user involvement. The trick to doing this is context-based call routing. Context-based call routing from AVST utilizes information about the user’s availability state, collecting information from a variety of sources including their calendar, their presence engine, call-routing schedule, and their actual physical location. All of this information is readily available without any user involvement.

By using contextual information, every caller feels important!  AVST can route calls much more efficiently and increase first-time call completion dramatically. And as a side benefit for those times when calls cannot be completed, AVST offers information to the caller such as, “Neil Butler is in a meeting and will be back at 2pm.” That’s much better than a standard greeting according to my customers.

To learn more on call completion, check out our recent webinar on AVST Call Completion.

Success often depends on an ability to see the IT environment from the perspective of the challenged mobile worker. AVST has been doing this for the past three decades.  If you are looking to boost call completion rates, you might want to put CX-E on top of your holiday shopping list.

Author:  Neil Butler, Director of Sales Engineering

AVST and XMedius have joined forces to offer a suite of secure enterprise-grade communications solutions, built for any industry.