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7 out of 10 Customers Ask Me About TeamQ

7 out of 10 Customers Ask Me About TeamQ


After 12 years as a Sales Manager at AVST, never have I seen such excitement as when I introduce TeamQ® to customers. I call it the “aha! moment”, when the spontaneous solution to a problem is accompanied by an exclamation of joy. It’s the sudden comprehension of TeamQ.

Last week, a customer actually stopped me mid-way through my TeamQ presentation: “Hold on. Can I bring my director into this meeting? He has to see this. It’s exactly what we have been looking for.”  TeamQ is now scheduled for deployment to that customer this year.

It’s the reaction I get over and over – 7 out of 10 customers want to learn more. Some are surprised how easily TeamQ can be added to their existing CX-E platform, others are happy to hear it works with their PBX, and some had no idea that AVST offered a call center application.  If you fall into one of these categories, I hope you take the time to learn more about TeamQ.

Here are the compelling features of TeamQ – UCD, ACD, Agent Desktop Control, Supervisor Interface, Reporting and more.

Here are the compelling economics of TeamQ – Research shows a cost savings of up to 77 percent on TeamQ when compared to traditional call center solutions.

5 Quick Resources About TeamQ

If you are part of a team fielding calls, solving problems, and juggling multiple service requests – TeamQ might just be for you!  Contact us today.

Author: Doug Juntwait, Regional Sales Manager, AVST

AVST and XMedius have joined forces to offer a suite of secure enterprise-grade communications solutions, built for any industry.