Why CX-E in the Cloud?

Why CX-E in the Cloud?

Why did we develop a cloud offering for CX-E, our unified communications solution?

SMBs have been embracing cloud communications for years. Now large organizations are looking at cloud options – both private and public models. While premises-based versions of CX-E remain the norm at the enterprise level, there is increasing interest in moving select UC components to the cloud.

Why? Just look at some of the basic advantages of a cloud UC model.

Deployment Made Easy

Clouds and city-scapeWith a cloud model, the infrastructure is already in place. Maintenance is included as part of the service. Large, complex installations of hardware with a PBX (or two) per location become unnecessary.

Latest UC Technology

A cloud-based system allows a level of agility and adaptability seldom found with a traditional solution. Most updates can be made without lengthy interruptions to operations.

Cloud Security

The design and implementation of data centers have moved far beyond experimental installations. Today’s data centers typically feature 24/7 system monitoring, cutting-edge software, and levels of on-site physical security similar to what you’ll see at the National Security Agency.


Because major software components are managed online, adding new users becomes as simple as plugging in a new phone and making changes to an online dashboard. Frequently, a technician doesn’t even need to visit a physical location.

Predictable Monthly Expense

Migrating a communications solution to the cloud enables the switch from a substantial investment upfront (capital expense) to a monthly operational expense (OPEX). With the accelerated rate of change in communications technology, moving to an OPEX model greatly reduces the risk of early obsolescence in a technology investment.

Reliable and Dependable

Business continuity, high availability and disaster recovery are built into most cloud-based communications solutions. Instead of scattered components (hardware and software) in specific locations vulnerable to local events, the entire cloud system typically features levels of redundancy in multiple geographic regions.

Multiple Locations & Remote Workers

Cloud communications are not location dependent. If you have internet access, you have access to your communications solution with the device of your choice; desk phone, softphone, smartphone, laptop, or tablet. The benefits to frequent travelers and remote workers are enormous.

These advantages have become tempting low-hanging fruit for even the largest organizations. Heavily regulated industries facing myriad compliance standards will retain much of their UC systems on-premises for the foreseeable future. But some functionality will definitely be moving to the cloud over the next few years. Several studies point to the coming year witnessing spending on cloud communication technologies surpassing on-premises investments.

2017 should be interesting for CX-E Cloud.