The TeamQ Call Center Solution

The TeamQ Call Center Solution

There is a need in organizations of any size to increase call response efficiency. No one appreciates navigating a labyrinth of automated call menus only to find themselves at a dead end with no answers, be it internal staff or external customers. The answer is an informal call center solution designed for specialists and knowledge workers. A lean, cost-effective system – not the traditional room packed with telemarketers and dedicated phone agents.

Knowledge Workers, Not Full-Time Phone Agents

If non-phone agent employees are fielding calls regarding their specialized knowledge – administration, help desks (internal and external), tech support, employee benefits and human resources, finance, and other small knowledge groups – the need for an informal call center solution becomes self-evident.

  • Automatic call queue creation
  • Specialized knowledge workers – subject matter experts
  • View and control incoming calls through a group of extensions
  • Improved efficiency and response times


An Efficient, Informal Call Center Solution

The right person, with the right information, responding to the right call. That’s the formula for AVST’s informal call center solution.

TeamQ is a cost-effective informal call center. At a fraction of the cost and complexity of a traditional system, TeamQ is the ideal solution for the next generation of collaborative teams – specialized teams that receive multiple incoming calls and require complete control of their workflow. TeamQ allows team members to view all the calls in a queue, decide which call to resolve first, indicate when the call is complete, reserve a call even if they are already on another, and redirect calls to other team members. Callers get access to their position in the queue, wait times, call backs, etc. Team members know why customers are calling before picking up a call. TeamQ is designed to empower knowledge workers, specialists in their fields.

Learn more about TeamQ from AVST by visiting the website. Or, attend our webinar, TeamQ: The Rise of the Informal Call Center.