The 5 Cs of Unified Messaging

The 5 Cs of Unified Messaging

We’re frequently asked about regulations and compliance issues when it comes to enterprise-class messaging systems. It’s a complex topic, posing problems many UC providers sometimes struggle to overcome. AVST’s 20+ years of experience developing Unified Messaging solutions for thousands of global enterprise customers in a wide variety of industries has led us to develop a list of five critical considerations. We typically start with this list when advising our partners and customers about Unified Messaging solutions.

Five Considerations of Unified MessagingThe 5 Cs of Unified Messaging infographic


Understand your corporate legal requirements


Security and confidentiality are as important as legal compliance


Architecture, flexibility and Future-Proofing the solution


Understanding load on email and storage servers


Awareness of total cost of ownership (TCO)

We’ve found these five considerations a great starting point for businesses and organizations of any size, particularly heavily regulated industries wherein Secure Messaging is a key requirement. When it comes to implementing a new UM solution, AVST brings all the advantages of interoperability, flexibility and security to Future-Proof UC infrastructure to meet today and tomorrow’s demands. For a more in-depth study, download our free Unified Messaging Checklist.

We host a regular series informative online webinars we call AVST Live. Topics range from Enterprise deployments of Skype for Business to Call Center options and Secure Messaging. While there is a focus on AVST’s software solutions, the webinars also feature practical advice about UC technologies in general.

We hope you’ll take advantage of AVST Live. We listen to our users and plan future webinars based on their feedback. All the AVST Live webinars are archived online for easy reference and review at your convenience.