UC Technology Roadmap

UC Technology Roadmap

CX-E 8.7 SU4 Release

We’re proud to announce the latest release of CX-E, our enterprise-class unified communications platform. There are a number of enhancements in this release – security and Mobile Client updates, Android 7 and VMware vSphere 6.5 support – but the Skype for Business features are attracting the most interest.

Skype for Business is flourishing in the UC landscape

Approximately 75% of U.S. enterprises studied are conducting Skype for Business trials according to a recent InfoTrack for Unified Communications survey. Think about that for a moment. Seventy-five percent. That’s a big number. Ensuring AVST’s best-of-breed UC software augments Skype for Business is a major component of our development efforts.

AVST’s Roadmap Highlights the Value of Interoperability

AVST’s technology roadmap, our grand plan, emphasizes our ability to serve as a bridge between past and future technologies. It’s unrealistic to believe enterprises are eager to risk major investment dollars, not to mention functioning communication systems, on wholesale rip and replace strategies. A carefully planned and implemented transition is the logical path forward. AVST’s industry-leading UC platform makes that a reality.

“AVST is the only company that offers a UC platform that connects Skype for Business with all major PBX brands while enabling key enterprise-class UC applications including best-of-breed unified messaging,” said Jim Burton, Founder and CEO of CT Link and Co-Founder of UCStrategies.com. “We have found that customers who have deployed Skype for Business have a requirement to manage complex call processing flows across multiple PBX brands as well as deploy a highly flexible unified messaging solution. AVST addresses those needs. It’s a perfect fit.”

Skype for Business Enhancements

Many large enterprises currently:

  • Use Skype for Business for Instant Messaging and Presence
  • Have Cisco, Avaya or other enterprise-class telephony switches (PBXs) for call control
  • Are considering Skype for Business as a full or partial PBX replacement in the future

The Click-to-Call functionality in CX-E’s new release gives users a familiar telephony experience with Skype for Business. Internal and external calls can be initiated from within the Skype for Business client. These calls are placed through your existing PBX platform (Cisco, Avaya, etc.). It’s a seamless process for the user, they’re just placing a call using the interface they’re already working in – no extra hoops to jump through, or having to switch from a softphone to a desk phone.

AVST Agility

Take a moment to think about all the “Winner!” technologies in the last few decades. How many of them have gone from market dominance to historical footnote?

The danger of coming to a technology dead end, finding yourself on an abandoned, obsolete telephony platform, is all too real in today’s rapidly changing UC landscape. That’s where having an agile technology roadmap and strategy become vital ingredients for success.