Advantages of a Speech-Enabled Workplace

Advantages of a Speech-Enabled Workplace

Your Voice. It’s easy to use. Most people master the basic interface by third grade. Now, voice recognition has made speech-enabled technologies a reality. Have you spoken to Siri, Alexa, Google Now, or Cortana? Imagine the advantages you can gain from enterprise-class Speech-Enabled UC applications.


Infographic displaying 4 benefits of AVST's Speech-Enabled UC

4 Advantages of a Speech-Enabled Digital Workplace

  1. Simplify your workday with a Speech-Enabled Virtual Personal Assistant
  2. Speech-Enabled Automated Attendants and Directories reduce operator calls
  3. Automatically Multi-Lingual: callers can speak in any language supported
  4. Works with your favorite PBX – Avaya, Cisco, Skype for Business and more

The Power of Speech

Portland State University identifies AVST’s Speech-Enabled Automated Attendant software as one of its most valuable features. The University routes calls between departments without an operator. From Admissions to Financial Aid and Registration, campus-wide communications have seen the benefits of Voice Recognition and Speech-Enabled Auto-Attendants. PSU has enjoyed a 35% reduction in call volume to its switchboard for greater efficiency and cost savings.

Aims Community College in Greeley, Colorado is taking advantage of a Speech-Driven Directory. A component of CX-E, the Speech-Enabled software in use for the college directory has reduced inbound call traffic to the operator by more than 30%. The ability to simply pick up the phone and ask for a person rather than looking through a printed or digital directory, or waiting for the operator, has resulted in cost savings and improved caller satisfaction.

Speech is the most intuitive interface for communicating. Have you considered the benefits of Voice Recognition and Speech applications for your enterprise?

AVST Live!

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