Inspired at Microsoft’s Inspire

Inspired at Microsoft’s Inspire

AVST on the MoveWe were at Microsoft Inspire last week in Washington DC. Microsoft provided their vision for the future. Inspire featured a dizzying mix of panels, speakers, workshops, and hundreds of sponsors and exhibitors. A tremendous number of international partners were in attendance – investigating new solutions, asking questions, and seizing opportunities to network with their counterparts from around the world. It was an impressive illustration of a vibrant, global Microsoft community.

Microsoft’s Core Mission
“We will empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more.”

Satya Nadella

Heading to the Cloud

Microsoft continues to implement their strategic roadmap for the future, dedicating more and more resources to the Cloud. They believe Cloud is a premiere technology of the 21st century, similar to the invention of the microprocessor in the last century. They’re investing heavily in infrastructure – millions of miles of fiber optic cables, green data centers, hardware to connect all of us, and software as a service to conveniently run from the Cloud.

AVST shares the same vision of the future. Cloud is the convergence of information, entertainment and telecommunications infrastructure. We see the staggering economic opportunity Cloud technology offers: new engagement models, new social behaviors, increasing worldwide access, and a global reach regardless of your location.

Transitioning to that future is not always a smooth road. As players like Microsoft shift resources to the Cloud, many customers, particularly those with substantial investments in on-premises infrastructure, are frequently left at technological dead-ends. Growth, mergers and acquisitions, and the rapid pace of change in communications technology leave enterprises with multiple unified communications platforms with limited ability to integrate these disparate systems.

Connecting to the Future

With our focus on interoperability, these migration issues are where AVST typically provides an efficient solution. Whether it’s connecting traditional PBXs to Skype for Business, or providing a secure unified messaging solution that connects on-premise UC systems with Cloud, AVST allows customers to control the pace of their migration to future technologies, while enhancing and extending the life of existing investments.

We are proud to be a member of the Microsoft Partner ecosystem, holding Gold Communications Competency for CX-E’s integration with Skype for Business, as well as Gold Messaging Competency for integration with Exchange.

AVST applications for Office 365 and Skype for Business

GENBAND Perspectives

We’re at the GENBAND Perspectives17 show this week. Perspectives has moved to Los Angeles this year, at the JW Marriot LA LIVE. The GENBAND event highlights the latest trends, issues and opportunities in communications technology. Some of the top influencers from the corporate world, as well as industry-leading innovators will be in attendance. You’ll find AVST on the Exhibitor level, in Booth #10. Stop by with any questions or comments you have, or just to say hello.