Skype for Business for the Enterprise

Skype for Business for the Enterprise

Approximately 75% of U.S. enterprises studied are conducting Skype for Business trials according to a 2017 InfoTrack for UC survey. Think about that for a moment. Seventy-five percent. That’s a big number. It reflects Microsoft’s strategic importance to enterprise customers.

AVST shares Microsoft’s vision of the future – a convergence of information and communications in the cloud. It’s why we develop highly interoperable UC applications that ease the migration path for enterprises and large organizations as they move to a Skype for Business future.


5 Ways to Enhance Skype for Business infographic

The Microsoft Partner Ecosystem

AVST is proud to be a Microsoft Gold Partner with competencies in Communications and Messaging, placing us in the top 1% of the Partner ecosystem. AVST Live! is presenting a webinar on Wednesday, August 23 at 10 AM Pacific – 1 PM Eastern, that provides a practical overview of Skype for Business: Adoption and Migration.

AVST’s UC applications address key compliance and security requirements, and offer essential communications features – all designed to enrich Skype for Business deployments, including:

  • Skype for Business integration with existing PBX
  • Informal Call Center
  • Secure Voice Messaging
  • Complex Call Routing/Automated Attendant
  • Mobile Client
  • Personal Assistant

This edition of AVST Live! is specifically designed to provide insight on your options when implementing Skype for Business as a full or partial PBX replacement. We hope you’ll take advantage of this webinar. All AVST Live! webinars are archived for your convenience.

5 Ways to Enhance Skype for Business

AVST enables a smooth migration to Skype for Business.


Integrate existing multi-vendor telephony landscape with Skype for Business.

Voice Messaging

Store Voice Messages outside of Exchange for compliance and confidentiality.

Automated Attendant

Speech-enabled Automated Attendant handles the most complex call routing requirements.


Intelligent Call Routing and advanced Mobile Client delivering Secure Voice Messaging.

Call Center

TeamQ® is a cost-effective informal Call Center designed for knowledge workers.