TeamQ: Informal Call Center Solution

TeamQ: Informal Call Center Solution

What is an informal call center application?

TeamQ® is a UC tool that matches the new evolving work patterns. It’s a call center application, but not for the traditional call center worker whose full time job is to answer calls as they come in. TeamQ is ideal for 25 agents in a specialized team – knowledge workers in need of queue handling for incoming calls.

TeamQ is designed for teams of people who answer calls but have other responsibilities as well – think IT help desks, technical support or sales representatives. TeamQ allows team members to control their workflow. To be more efficient, more effective and, ultimately, more productive. It’s robust enough to support up to 50 teams, or queues, but it’s designed for the small team environment.

TeamQ Informal Call Center Features

Hunt Group & Call Centers

In the enterprise environment, many people use hunt groups. A hunt group will take an incoming call and route it over multiple telephones. There are terminal hunt groups, circular hunt groups, longest-idle hunt groups – all with varying levels of functionality. Calls are forwarded through a pool of agents until the call is answered or sent to a final number.

Hunt group technology frequently leads to this scenario: somebody blindly takes a call, listens to the issue, then hollers over a cubicle wall, “Call on line two for somebody who can do network support.” Not an ideal solution for anyone involved.

At the other end of the call management spectrum are contact centers with hordes of agents sitting in headsets, taking orders, or dealing with customer issues. They typically have an extensive set of tools: ACD systems, call recording, reader boards, timers, supervisor reports, analytics – all designed to shave a few seconds off a call.

New Workforce, New Call Center Solution

With the emerging workforce, a next generation of knowledge workers and small teams of specialists, there has emerged a need for something in the middle – an informal call center solution. Access to some vital call center features, but at a fraction of the price.

  • Uniform Call Distribution (UCD)
  • Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)
  • Agent Desktop Control
  • Informative Screen Pops
  • A Supervisor Interface
  • Robust Reporting
  • Mobile-Ready, No Cubicles Necessary

Informal, But Powerful Call Center Applications

TeamQ is an informal call center solution. It places more control in the hands of the agents, empowering your teams to prioritize workflows, improve time management, make informed decisions, and answer calls with confidence and control. With the TeamQ dashboard, agents can:

  • View all the calls in a queue
  • See information about the nature of the call
  • Decide which call to pull first
  • Reserve a call
  • Indicate when they’re done
  • Redirect a call
  • Decide when they’re ready for a next call

AVST Live!

Our next AVST Live! webinar is focused on TeamQ, our informal call center solution for teams of knowledge workers: TeamQ: Informal Call Center Solution. The webinar is on Wednesday, September 6, at 10 AM Pacific / 1 PM Eastern. Like all our webinars, an archived version will be available soon after the live presentation and its question and answer period. We hope you’ll join us.