AVST has merged with XMedius to become a leading global provider of secure enterprise communications solutions.

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Mobile UC for the Digital Workplace

Mobile UC for the Digital Workplace

Advances in mobile communications have opened new standards for boosting engagement, productivity, and agility in the workplace.  

Your Office Travels with You

A secure Mobile Client for iPhone or Android allows workers to carry one device to manage both their personal and business communications, enabling mobile users to manage their business calls, voice messages, contacts, availability, and call routing preferences.

Looking to Deploy Unified Messaging?

When looking for a Unified Messaging solution, here are a few tips to consider. Make sure the Unified Messaging you invest in can integrate to multiple email systems, both premise-based and the public cloud – including Microsoft Office 365, Exchange, Google Gmail, and any IMAP4 compliant email system.

Infographic of Why AVST Unified MessagingSecond, make sure it can integrate into these multiple email servers simultaneously (premise and cloud) providing maximum flexibility for institutions, like universities, with multiple and evolving email solutions.

Finally, make sure it meets your message storage options to ensure security, compliance, and confidentiality requirements – with the flexibility to change the message storage configuration in the future, on a user-by-user basis, without incurring re-licensing expenses.

What Does AVST’s Unified Messaging Offer?

  • Integration with Microsoft Office 365, Exchange, and Google Gmail simultaneously
  • Rated “Best-of-Breed” Unified Messaging by Leading UC Analysts
  • Flexible Storage Options to Meet Security and Compliance Requirements

Enhance Mobility with a Virtual Personal Assistant

For workers on the road, using your voice is three times faster than typing. With your own Virtual Personal Assistant (VPA), you use voice commands to manage your messages (voice and email), initiate and manage call-handling, access your calendar and contacts, and more.

Personal assistant applications integrate with other software like presence and calendars, as well as your physical location, to determine where to direct incoming calls. In a meeting? Your VPA will let a caller know that you are currently in a meeting and what time you should be free.

Mobile Applications

To learn more about how to find the best Unified Messaging solution for your organization, download our 7 Steps to Unified Messaging Success white paper. Visit our Resources webpage to learn more about virtual personal assistant software and the latest advancements in mobility applications for the enterprise and large organizations.

AVST Live!

Our free webinar this week on AVST Live! looks at Emerging Mobile UC for the Digital Workplace. The live webinar takes place Wednesday November 1, 2017 at 10 AM Pacific / 1 PM Eastern. As with all our webinars, an archived version will be available soon after the live presentation and its question and answer period. We hope you’ll join us.

AVST and XMedius have joined forces to offer a suite of secure enterprise-grade communications solutions, built for any industry.