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Unified Messaging in Transition

Unified Messaging in Transition

When Microsoft made their announcement regarding the discontinuation of support for Exchange Online UM customers connecting to a 3rd party on-premises PBX, it included four options. Only one of the options allows you to maximize your current 3rd party PBX investments without purchasing additional Microsoft Skype for Business licenses:

For customers with no Skype for Business Server deployment or for whom the solutions above are not appropriate, implement a 3rd party voice/unified messaging system.

AVST Unified Messaging

Infographic of 5 ways AVST solves Microsoft's discontinued support for Exchange Online UM and 3rd party PBXs.AVST provides Microsoft customers with a secure and flexible enterprise-class Unified Messaging solution that enables them to continue using their existing PBX investments until they are ready to transition to the cloud and Skype for Business over time.

The AVST alternative doesn’t require purchasing additional Microsoft licenses. With AVST’s unified messaging solution, your phone system doesn’t change. Your Office 365 doesn’t change. It’s a software-based unified messaging alternative, allowing quick deployment with minimal disruption. The AVST solution allows users to continue using their established Microsoft Exchange/Office 365 UM forms.

Best-of-Breed Unified Messaging

The AVST unified messaging solution includes integration with Microsoft Office 365, Exchange, and Google Gmail simultaneously.

It brings all your email, voicemail, and fax into a secure, single view on the device of your choice. That’s why the leading industry analysts rate AVST’s Unified Messaging solution best-of-breed.

For Microsoft customers who are looking for a Voicemail/Unified Messaging alternative to extend the life of their existing 3rd party on-premises PBX, AVST is offering an incentive to ease the economic impact on your enterprise.

Microsoft and AVST

Beginning July 2018, Microsoft will no longer support the use of existing SBCs to connect 3rd party PBX systems to Exchange Online Unified Messaging. This means many Microsoft customers will need to seek an alternative Unified Messaging solution in less than a year if they would like to continue using their existing on-premises 3rd party PBX.

5 Ways AVST’s Unified Messaging Solution Supports Your Migration

  1. Integrates with all leading PBX/IP-PBX phone systems – Avaya, Cisco, Microsoft and more
  2. Ability to continue using Microsoft Exchange / Office 365 UM forms
  3. Enables a migration from existing premise-based PBX to Skype for Business over time
  4. Most flexible, secure UM offering on the market, rated “Best-of-Breed”
  5. Limited-time Promotion provides an Enterprise-Class UM solution

The AVST solution allows you to maximize your existing telephony investments today, and evolve with the changes of tomorrow.

AVST Live!

Our next AVST Live! webinar is focused on the challenges resulting from Microsoft’s end of support announcement for SBCs, Options for Microsoft Exchange Online UM Customers. The webinar is on Wednesday, November 29, at 10 AM Pacific / 1 PM Eastern. Like all our webinars, an archived version will be available soon after the live presentation and its question and answer period. We hope you’ll join us.

AVST and XMedius have joined forces to offer a suite of secure enterprise-grade communications solutions, built for any industry.