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Transforming the Workplace with Speech Applications

Transforming the Workplace with Speech Applications

Enterprise-class, speech-enabled UC applications are a major step to your digital future. As everyday users become accustomed to interacting with Siri, Google Assistant, and Alexa, voice prompted systems are increasingly accepted, even expected in many circumstances. As voice recognition technology becomes prominent, more enterprises are looking to deploy speech-enabled UC applications.

AVST and ConvergeOne recently teamed to present a webinar, Speech – Transforming the Workplace, on the growing impact of speech-enabled communications applications.

Speech-Enabled Automated Attendant

If customers are already on the road, there might be questions that can influence their choices. Asking for directions. Trying to make a reservation. Availability of services or specific products. Even questions about general information. A speech-enabled automated attendant will allow customers to communicate, hands-free/eyes-free, while connecting via a simple phone call. With over 9 million annual visitors, Chicago’s Navy Pier deployed AVST speech applications integrated with its Avaya IP telephony platform to assist their customers as they call in.

The Virtual Personal Assistant in your Business

For the workforce on the road who still need to stay in touch with the office, a speech-enabled Virtual Personal Assistant (VPA) can keep their focus on where they are heading, instead of their device. Using a speech interface allows you to check your email, your calendar, schedule a meeting, even make calls simply by speaking up.

Infographic displaying 4 benefits of AVST's Speech-Enabled UC 4 Advantages of a Speech-Enabled Digital Workplace

  1. Simplify your workday with a Speech-Enabled Virtual Personal Assistant
  2. Speech-Enabled Automated Attendants and Directories reduce operator calls
  3. Automatically Multi-Lingual: callers can speak in any language supported
  4. Works with your favorite PBX – Avaya, Cisco, Skype for Business and more

AVST and ConvergeOne

AVST has been advancing UC applications with speech recognition and personal assistant for 15+ years. Tom Minifie, AVST’s CTO, and Rich Smith, ConvergeOne’s Collaboration Solutions Specialist, recently joined forces to present a webinar about the benefits of speech in the workplace. View the webinar, Speech – Transforming the Workplace, to learn more about speech-enabling your unified communications solution.

AVST and XMedius have joined forces to offer a suite of secure enterprise-grade communications solutions, built for any industry.