3 Strategies to Future-Proof Your Campus UC Solution

3 Strategies to Future-Proof Your Campus UC Solution

Select technology investments today that can grow with your infrastructure well into the future. Sounds simple, right? Unfortunately, reality rarely plays well with “simple.” Particularly when dealing with the complex operations of a college or university campus. But it can be done with careful research and planning.

Here are three strategies to future-proof your campus unified communications solution.

  1. Select a Secure UC Solution
  2. Protect and Extend Existing PBX Investments
  3. Be Flexible to Meet Future Changes in Technology

Select a Secure UC Solution

Upgrading campus communications systems is increasingly a matter of security compliance. Frequent factors in choosing new components or an entirely new telephony system include security, compliance and confidentiality requirements. This typically includes secure messaging, including a strong BYOD policy, along with secure Fax and file exchange capabilities.

The AVST Unified Messaging solution includes highly secure mobile and web clients that support TLS for message encryption, and is compatible with most email platforms – including Microsoft Outlook, Office 365, Google Gmail, and any IMAP4 compliant system. The XMedius blog recently covered secure Fax and file exchange, with additional information on protecting school-owned technology regardless of its location, in an infographic.

Protect and Extend Existing PBX Investments

University of Washington Campus with AVST testimonialLook for a highly compatible, interoperable communications solution that can connect with the variety of technologies in your campus infrastructure. Avoid rip and replace strategies. All too often, these drastic tactics result in vendor lock-in, restricting your future choices. Invest in technologies that build a bridge to your digital future, evolving with your changing IT infrastructure.

The University of Washington adopted AVST’s solution based on a number of key factors: easy integration with existing telephony systems and compatibility with the campus’ mixed email landscape. Download the case study to learn more about their AVST unified communications investment.

Be Flexible to Meet Future Changes in Technology

Moving communications to the cloud is an increasingly popular choice for IT infrastructure. But is this the right decision for your organization? Can you migrate in phases? Will you have the option to keep some components on-premises? Look for a flexible UC solution. One that provides the power of choice for future UC investments. Any delivery model, any consumption model, and the flexibility to change at any time to meet the demands of your evolving campus IT infrastructure.

AVST Live!

We hope you join us for our next webinar, Enhance Skype for Business with Essential UC Applications, on December 13, 10:00 AM Pacific / 1:00 PM Eastern. Topics to be covered include:

  • Secure Voice/Unified Messaging
  • Call Center Application
  • Complex Call Routing/Automated Attendant
  • Mobile Client

If you aren’t able to join us live, archived versions of AVST Live! are available at AVST.com.