Voicemail 2.0 – All Grown Up

Voicemail 2.0 – All Grown Up

Voicemail doesn’t have to be the black hole of messaging anymore. Voicemail has evolved and continues to be a key communications application for organizations around the globe. It’s become Voicemail 2.0, all grown up.

Why Calls Matter

We live in an instant gratification, real-time communication world. Nobody likes to feel defeated when they reach someone’s voicemail, some might think the message goes into a black hole; unacknowledged and ignored.

Infographic of AVST's Intelligent Call RoutingAVST’s intelligent call routing can increase first-time call completion. We gather intelligence from a variety of sources, including:

  • Calendar
  • Presence engine
  • Call-routing schedule
  • Your physical location

Once configured according to your preferences, all of this information is readily available without requiring any user involvement. By using contextual information, AVST routes your calls more efficiently; dramatically increasing first-time call completion.

So, You’ve Reached Voicemail

When calls simply cannot be answered, AVST provides incoming callers with the information they need to decide how best to proceed. Callers aren’t just going to voicemail, they’re getting an intelligent, informative response.

For example, being in-sync with your calendar, AVST’s software will let the caller know, “Heather Kail is in a meeting and will be back at 3 PM.” It can then provide the caller with helpful options: “Leave a Message / Try Another Person / Operator.”

AVST also offers a visual view of incoming calls so you can identify who is calling and make an informed response.

With visual call screening, you’re able to:

  • Accept a call
  • Reject a call and send the caller to their voice messaging mailbox
  • Select additional options
  • Acknowledge a caller by recording a brief message
  • Transfer a call to another device
  • Transfer a call to another person
  • Accept and record a call

These capabilities mean no more leaving callers and their voice messages in an unknown abyss.

Now Unified Messaging

Need your voice, fax and email messages accessible in a single location – email or web client – on your favorite mobile device? That’s Unified Messaging. To learn more, download the Tech Target white paper, 7 Steps to Unified Messaging.

For Microsoft customers who are looking for a Voicemail/Unified Messaging alternative to extend the life of their existing 3rd party PBX without giving up Office 365 integrations, AVST is offering an incentive to ease the economic impact on your enterprise.

Voicemail remains a vital component of unified communications. Voicemail technology bears so little resemblance to where it started 35 years ago. Typical features in a modern UC platform include context and personal awareness, intelligent call routing, secure storage options to meet compliance requirements, mobile clients, and more. Modern Voicemail is more relevant today than ever before because it contains so many of the communications technologies that allow individuals to conduct business regardless of their location.

Leaving a voicemail used to be a shot in the dark, but Voicemail has evolved, becoming a more mature technology. It’s grown up.

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