Microsoft Exchange Online UM – Beat the Deadline

Microsoft Exchange Online UM – Beat the Deadline

Beginning this July, Microsoft Exchange Online Unified Messaging will no longer offer direct session border controller (SBC) SIP access for a third party PBX. If you have a Cisco, Avaya or another third party PBX phone system connecting to Exchange Online UM, this will affect you.

In this short video, Heather Kail of AVST provides an overview of the challenge and your options for leveraging your existing telephony infrastructure without giving up access to Office 365.

The Clock is Ticking…

AVST Live!

Tomorrow’s AVST Live! webinar is focused on the challenges resulting from Microsoft’s end of support announcement for SBCs, Options for Microsoft Exchange Online UM Customers. Wednesday, January 10, at 10 AM Pacific / 1 PM Eastern. Like all our webinars, an archived version will be available soon after the live presentation and its question and answer period. We hope you’ll join us.

Redmond Magazine White Paper

Download the white paper, Preparing for Exchange Online Unified Messaging Changes, for additional insights and information.

Video Transcript Highlights

Effective July 2018, Microsoft will no longer support the session border controller (SBC) that provides SIP access between on-premise, third party PBXs. That’s anything not Microsoft and the Exchange Online UM Services they are consuming through Office 365.

Microsoft indicates four different options for customers in this situation. Options One and Two are basically replacing your legacy PBX with some form of Microsoft Enterprise Voice, whether cloud or premise. The nomenclature and direction of those offerings continues to shift, as Cloud PBX becomes Microsoft Phone System, and will wrap into Microsoft Teams over the next year or two.

Many customers may not be ready to make this kind of shift. There are financial and feature parity issues that have prevented them from doing so up to this point.

AVST connects on-premise third party PBXs to MS Exchange Online UMOption Three involves implementing a specific third party connector, like a new SBC solution, which includes the need to also invest in Microsoft Skype for Business premise licensing for each UM user in order to continue to use Exchange Online UM. So there’s an investment required with this option as well.

Option Four is where AVST fits. This option involves moving from Exchange Online UM to a third party UM solution.

Let’s take a look at how AVST uniquely offers a solution here when the first three options aren’t a best fit. The AVST CX-E solution will integrate with the on-premise PBX, even if that PBX version is aged and not current in its release. We also integrate with Exchange Online via exchange web services and eventually Graph API. Unlike many third party SBC solutions, we do not require additional Microsoft Skype for Business licenses to be purchased in this scenario.

Our CX-E products will replace the UM functionality of Exchange Online by doing things like recording the message, offer the TUI options, managing your personal greeting, and so on. We’ve actually developed a new option specifically for these customers, which will allow them to continue to use the Outlook UM forms they are accustom to using to minimize distraction to the end users’ experience.

To ease the financial impact of this shift, which many customers have not budgeted for in 2018, we have very aggressive pricing promotions for existing Exchange Online UM customers. Of course, the AVST team is ready to review and discuss the details about our solution with you.

In Summary

Why is AVST a best fit for organizations in this situation? We have 35 years of expertise as the best-of-breed, flexible, and secure UM solution. We offer our customers the ability to still use their Outlook forms to minimize disruption, and we do not require an investment in additional Microsoft licensing. Best of all, our interoperability future-proofs the investment, allowing for a logical and comfortable migration strategy toward your future choice of call control solutions, including Skype for Business.

July is coming more quickly than we realize. We’re already scheduling projects for many customers facing this deadline. To learn more about how AVST may be the best solution for you, please reach out to us at our website,, or call us at 866-368-0400.