Checklist for Microsoft Exchange Online UM Alternative

Checklist for Microsoft Exchange Online UM Alternative

One foot in the cloud with Office 365, the other foot firmly planted on-premises with your PBX? Microsoft’s session border controllers (SBC) have provided the connection from third party on-premise telephony platforms to Microsoft Exchange Online Unified Messaging – Ground Control to Major Cloud. But now, Microsoft is discontinuing support for the use of their SBC.

Are you ready to move your telephony infrastructure to Microsoft? Or, are you looking for an alternative unified messaging solution that will interoperate with your existing on-premise infrastructure and Office 365?

The countdown is on. Microsoft is heading toward a cloud future, with a Skype for Business/Teams/Phone System environment. If your enterprise reference architecture is not quite ready for the transition, here are a few things to keep in mind when looking for the best UM solution for your enterprise.

Infographic of a Checklist for Microsoft Exchange Online UM Alternative

Resources, News & Analysis

Having achieved Gold Communications and Messaging Competencies, AVST has distinguished itself within the top 1% of the Microsoft Partner Ecosystem. We’ve gathered a comprehensive selection of material detailing this looming unified messaging issue, who it affects, and a selection of possible solutions.

Included on the webpage are a Quick Guide: Understanding Your Options, and a white paper from Redmond Media, Preparing for Exchange Online Unified Messaging Changes. Visit our website for a complete listing of resources, news and analysis by industry experts.

AVST Live!

The next AVST Live! webinar is focused on the challenges resulting from Microsoft’s end of use announcement for SBCs, Options for Microsoft Exchange Online UM Customers. Wednesday, February 14, at 10 AM Pacific / 1 PM Eastern. Like all our webinars, an archived version will be available soon after the live presentation and its question and answer period. We hope you’ll join us.

Checklist for a Microsoft Exchange Online UM Alternative

Interoperability: Unified messaging for Office 365 while integrating with your current 3rd party PBX.

Enterprise-Class Voicemail and Unified Messaging: Secure voicemail and unified messaging.

Cost Effective: Flexible, scalable and resilient unified messaging solution within your budget.

Minimize Retraining: Continued use of Microsoft Exchange/Office 365 UM forms.

Migration: Includes an easy migration path from an existing premise-based PBX to the cloud over time.

To learn more about the value of interoperability in the rapidly changing technology landscape, download 5 Steps to Future-Proofing Your Communications System.