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Top 10 Reasons to Migrate to CX-E 9

Top 10 Reasons to Migrate to CX-E 9

CX-E 9 offers a wealth of future-proofed features that can enhance and extend the life of your current phone system infrastructure, on-premises or in the cloud. CX-E 9 includes expanded scalability, multi-tenancy, and support for Microsoft’s Encryption File System (EFS) for end-to-end secure messaging. The industry leading interoperability of CX-E integrates with all major IT infrastructures, future-proofing today and tomorrow’s UC investments.

The enhancements in CX-E 9 have been engineered for diverse organizations and partners pivoting to the cloud. Unmatched scalability and multi-tenant capability aids medium and large enterprises with cloud adoption. This speeds up the service provider’s ability to accommodate new customers more quickly and economically, while maintaining privacy.

10 Reasons to Migrate to CX-E 9

  1. Expanded Scalability
    Supports 60,000 users, 800 ports, and storage for 5 million voice and fax messages.
  2. Multi-tenancy
    Up to 100 tenants are able to share the same system, reducing hardware, maintenance, and licensing costs.
  3. Encrypted Stored Messages
    Infographic of 10 features in CX-E 9 unified communications
    Microsoft Windows Encryption File System (EFS) is supported when stored on CX-E. This helps keep your confidential messages protected from attackers with physical access to the computer.
  4. MWI for Google Gmail
    A new voice message will light the Message Waiting lamp on your desk phone.
  5. Virtualization – Microsoft Hyper-V 2016
    Certified with Microsoft Hyper-V 2016.
  6. Microsoft Exchange/Office 365 UM Forms
    See your messages in the standard Microsoft Exchange/Office 365 unified messaging form.
  7. Windows Server 2016
    Now with support for CX-E running on Windows Server 2016.
  8. Text Notification – NotifyXpress®
    Easily send out notification campaigns consisting of calls, text messages or a mix of both.
  9. Call Recording – TeamQ®
    You can record all calls or decide which agent’s calls to record.
  10. Enhanced Message Privacy
    Users have more control of how they would like their privately marked messages handled.

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The next AVST Live! webinar is all about What’s New in CX-E 9. The webinar takes place on Wednesday, March 7, at 10 AM Pacific / 1 PM Eastern. Like all our webinars, you can follow the registration link to view the recorded webinar, and an archived version will be available in the weeks following the live presentation. We hope you’ll join us to see what’s new.

CX-E 9 Resources

CX-E 9 provides many ways to enrich your UC infrastructure. CX-E 9 features interoperability with all major telephony and email systems, premise and cloud, from any UC vendor – Cisco, Microsoft, Avaya, Google, and more. Visit the CX-E 9 webpage to explore the benefits of upgrading within your evolving infrastructure.

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