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6 Oct 2008

The mission of the Customer Advocate Program is to develop and sustain customer relationships to showcase how AVST solutions are used by businesses of all sizes to meet their unified communications needs.  The fundamental principles behind the program are integrity and mutual respect.  Participation in the program can include these benefits: Customer Advocate Questionnaire

  • Access to product teams
  • Insights into product strategy and roadmaps
  • Input into technology design and functionality
  • Early adopter and beta program opportunities
  • Visibility and recognition for your innovation
There are several opportunities for you to highlight your achievements and to share your innovation with your peers.  As an AVST Customer Advocate you can chose to:
  • Validate your AVST successes via direct interactions with your peers
  • Showcase your unified communications solutions with a case study
  • Act as media and industry analyst reference to illustrate your technology leadership
  • Present your use and commitment of our products at conferences and events
  • Use your company name and logo as a general reference in AVST marketing materials
  • Publish a quote on the AVST website about your experiences with CallXpress, the User Group, or AVST Online Community 
Tell us your story of how CallXpress has been deployed in your organization, today! 

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