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23 Dec 2008
In the twelfth month of 2008, AVST gave to me… Speech-to-Text capabilities.
In the eleventh month of 2008, AVST gave to me… Support for Symantec Enterprise Vault for Voicemail Archiving.
In the tenth month of 2008, COMMfusion LLC gave to AVST… a review of CallXpress as the most complete UM solution.
In the ninth month of 2008, AVST gave to me… an online Community featuring AVST Blogs.
In the eighth month of 2008, AVST gave to me… the CallXpress User Group and a powerful user forum.
In the seventh month of 2008, AVST and NEI gave to me… the ET-2000 R3 Level 4 mid-tower server.
In the sixth month of 2008, AVST gave to me… the GA release of CallXpress 7.91.
In the fifth month of 2008, AVST gave to me… the fourth annual Reseller Oasis in Las Vegas.
In the fourth month of 2008, AVST gave to me… an educational webinar on "Importance of Interoperability in Unifying Communications".
In the third month of 2008, AVST unveiled to me…  the new features that would be released in CallXpress 7.91.
In the second month of 2008, an award was given to AVST… 2008 Frost & Sullivan Award for Customer Value Enhancements.
In the first month of 2008, AVST showcased at ACUTA… and spotlighted more than 300 worldwide higher education deployments.

On behalf of the entire staff at AVST, we thank you for your business and support in 2008 and we wish you a safe and prosperous New Year!

Happy Holidays from AVST

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