Wondering How to Make the Most of the CallXpress User Forum?

Wondering How to Make the Most of the CallXpress User Forum?

5 Simple Ways to Enhance Your Membership Experience in the CallXpress User Forum

  1. Receive e-mail notification of new forum topics and posts.You can manage your forum and topic e-mail ‘Subscriptions through your Member Control Panel Menu. By selecting to subscribe to a forum or topic, you are choosing to receive an e-mail to the address you specified on your registration form containing a detailed summary of the new post along with a link to the actual forum post. You may unsubscribe to a forum or thread at any time.
    Manage Your Subscriptions to the CallXpress User Forum
  2. Update your forum settings, profile information, registration details, etc. from your Member Control Panel Menu. You will be able to control many aspects and access member features from this central menu.
    CallXpress User Forum Member Control Panel

  3. Add a signature to the bottom of your posts. To do so you need to first create a signature in your ‘Profile Information’ through your Member Control Panel Menu, once you have done this you can add your signature to the bottom of your posts by checking the ‘Always attach my signature to posts‘ checkbox at the bottom of the Edit Profile form.

  4. Use the forum’s built in Private Messaging System to send Private Messages to other forum members. The system works very much like e-mail, but within the CallXpress User Forum System. Messages you send will be viewable only by your recipients. You can chose to receive e-mail notification of new Private Messages by enabling the option in your Forum Preferences.

  5. Reset your forum password. Although passwords cannot be retrieved, they can be reset. To reset your password click on the Login button and select the link to the lost password page to request that a new password be e-mailed to you.


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