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8 Apr 2009

AVST has entered into a partnership with Unimax Systems Corporation.  AVST CallXpress customers can leverage Unimax’s flagship product, 2nd Nature, to provide administrators with an interface for single point of administration to manage CallXpress, their PBXs and other critical business systems. This enhances productivity by providing administrators an enterprise-wide, synchronized view of all users and system profile data including phones, classes or service, voice mailbox settings, voice distributions list, and more.

Key benefits:

  • Reduces operational costs by reducing repetitive processes and creating automation
  • Increases visibility by providing enterprise-wide, synchronized view of CallXpress, PBX systems and other critical business systems
  • Increases security by providing role-based permissions of voice operations


  • Unimax’s 2nd Nature release 6.8 currently supports CallXpress 7.91

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