Sneak Peak of CallXpress 8 Web PhoneManager

Sneak Peak of CallXpress 8 Web PhoneManager

Earlier this year I sat down with software engineer, Adam Warbington to discuss his role in the highly anticipated CallXpress 8 release.

In the following 3 1/2 minute video blog, Adam gives viewers a sneak peak at the newly designed Web PhoneManager (WPM) in CallXpress 8.  You’ll definitely want to check it out and watch as Adam highlights the cool new availability settings included in CX8.

What is Web PhoneManager?
WPM allows subscribers to manage their mailboxes through their preferred web browser, through the company’s intranet or possibly from outside the office through an Internet connection. This web-based utility is available through any web browser that has access to the server on which it resides. Within WPM, subscribers can also create and update name and greeting recordings for their mailboxes, and send new voice messages.

CallXpress 8 Web PhoneManager
With the release of CallXpress 8, WPM has been greatly enhanced with JavaScript/AJAX support for much improved usability when managing messages. Also, playback of messages using streaming audio has been changed to use MP3 audio through Adobe Flash Player for faster playback, greater browser and operating system compatibility, and greatly simplified installation and configuration.


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