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Take a tour of CallXpress 8 Web PhoneManager with one of AVST’s software engineers, Adam Warbington. This quick 3 1/2 minute video blog not only highlights the new interface, but it also gives viewers a great overview of how the new availability settings work.

Looking to upgrade to CallXpress 8? Get the facts about the most significant and feature rich release in the history of AVST. Check out these important features such as high availability, scalability, centralization, cost savings, mobility and more.

In continuation of his Unified Messaging blog post, Neil Butler further explores the Four Flavors of Unified Messaging architecture and provides new insight on how to choose between Server, Client, Secure and Simplified architectures for Unified Messaging deployments.

With over 15 years experience in designing and delivering Unified Messaging solutions, AVST staff have learned a lot about the top five “gotchas” in UM implementations. If you are evaluating UM solutions and considering the pro’s and con’s of the various UM solution architectures this blog post will help you understand the critical issues you need to consider to ensure a successful implementation.

IT/Telephony administrators around the globe are looking for ways to save money by leveraging their organizations’ existing technology investments. If you are charged with re-evaluating how your company communicates in order to help reduce corporate expenditures, you won’t want to pass over these cost cutting benefits of Unified Communications.

In the first of his two-part blog series, Neil Butler explores the benefits of Unified Messaging and sets the tone for his follow-up discussion on Unified Messaging deployment options and how they can meet your company’s storage, access and security needs.

Have you or members of your organization been wondering how your business will be impacted by the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP) amendments that went into effect in December of 2006? If you been researching software options that will provide message archive functionality to help you meet your compliance obligations, you’ll want to read this article to learn about CallXpress message archiving.

Sure, AVST carries a whole line of CallXpress Servers NOW, but “back in the day” of AVT the engineers were working off a 8088 processor, 768K of RAM, a 20 MB hard drive, two 8 inch floppy drives and three telephony boards from a long defunct company named Computalker Consultants.

CallXpress end users with current XpressCare contracts are invited to take part in the upcoming CallXpress 8.0 Beta Trial. If selected as a beta customer, you will not only have the opportunity to test some exciting new features such as the multi-box architecture and speech recognition, but AVST is also offering a financial incentive to reward active participants.

These days with unlimited long distance calling plans for $30/month or less, you don’t hear too much about toll fraud taking place any more. However, it still happens from time to time where the hacker places international calls which can still be quite costly. Below is some info on just some of the ways to […]

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