AVST has merged with XMedius to become a leading global provider of secure enterprise communications solutions.

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AVST is Moving to a New Website

In October 2017, AVST merged with technology partner XMedius Solutions. Over the past 8+ months we have joined forces to become the trusted global provider of enterprise communications solutions. We have started the process of integrating our websites and will now be transitioning content onto xmedius.com. […]

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Automating Access to Information: A Quick Guide for Municipalities

Municipalities have unique operations that could be more efficient. Automating some aspects of communications and customer service reduces human latency so public workers can focus on other things. Tasks such as scheduling/canceling appointments, checking payment status, and retrieving property information can be accomplished through Interactive Voice Response (IVR). […]

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AVST Presents GDPR at Enterprise Connect 2018

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a set of digital rights, recognizing the value and commoditization of personal data in the global digital economy. This regulation significantly increases data protection laws concerning information security. GDPR elevates personal data protection to the same importance of legal and financial data. Personal data needs to be protected, it’s not up to those who […]

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Migrating UC to the Cloud on Your Own Terms

Enterprises are increasingly weighing their options for moving components of their communications infrastructure to a cloud solution. The demand for functionality that supports a transition from premise-based UC to a cloud or hybrid-based system is rapidly growing. […]

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GDPR: 3 Things to Learn

May 2018, GDPR goes into effect. Its tough new privacy requirements are designed to provide consumers with more control over how their data is collected, stored, distributed and destroyed. Under GDPR, personal data belongs to the Person, the rest of us are just custodians of their data. […]

GDPR digital lock for personal data security

Top 10 Reasons to Migrate to CX-E 9

CX-E 9 offers a wealth of future-proofed features that can enhance and extend the life of your current phone system infrastructure, on-premises or in the cloud. CX-E 9 includes expanded scalability, multi-tenancy, and support for Microsoft’s Encryption File System (EFS) for end-to-end secure messaging.  […]

Infographic of 10 features in CX-E 9 unified communications

TeamQ and Click2Coach

Customer service has become a major differentiator for all enterprises. The quest for customer satisfaction and loyalty have driven the need for efficient and reliable call center solutions. Envision and AVST have teamed up to optimize the power of TeamQ®, AVST’s informal call center for next-generation workers.

In today’s workforce, a team may not be in a single location, but they need […]

TeamQ Informal Call Center UC Application

CX-E 9 for Enterprise-Class Communications

AVST is proud to release the latest version of the CX-E unified communications platform, engineered to facilitate the transition to cloud communications for enterprises worldwide. CX-E 9 offers key features ideally suited for customers and partners pivoting to the cloud: expanded scalability, multi-tenancy, support for Microsoft’s Encryption File System (EFS) for secure messaging, and much more.
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Introducing CX-E 9 Video

AVST and XMedius have joined forces to offer a suite of secure enterprise-grade communications solutions, built for any industry.