Mobility and Personal Assistants

Virtual Personal Assistants (VPA) are an easy way to navigate your smartphone’s functions, hands-free/eyes-free. By using only your voice, you can make calls, send messages, add something to your calendar – typically three times faster than typing. […]

Infographic of Why AVST Personal Assistant

TeamQ: Informal Call Center Solution

What is an informal call center application?

TeamQ® is a UC tool that matches the new evolving work patterns. It’s a call center application, but not for the traditional call center worker whose full time job is to answer calls as they come in.  […]

TeamQ Informal Call Center UC Application

Skype for Business for the Enterprise

Approximately 75% of U.S. enterprises studied are conducting Skype for Business trials according to a 2017 InfoTrack for UC survey. Think about that for a moment. Seventy-five percent. That’s a big number. It reflects Microsoft’s strategic importance to enterprise customers.


5 Ways to Enhance Skype for Business infographic

7 Steps to Unified Messaging Success

Empower your workforce with the best communications tools available: in the office, on the road, or working remotely. Unified Messaging (UM) provides users with one central hub for all their messages – email, voicemail, fax – on the digital device they prefer. The right UM toolset can increase productivity, improve customer satisfaction, maintain high levels of reliability and security, and […]

7 Steps to Unified Messaging Success infographic

Inspired at Microsoft’s Inspire

We were at Microsoft Inspire last week in Washington DC. Microsoft provided their vision for the future. Inspire featured a dizzying mix of panels, speakers, workshops, and hundreds of sponsors and exhibitors. A tremendous number of international partners were in attendance – investigating new solutions, asking questions, and seizing opportunities to network with their counterparts from around the world. It […]

AVST on the Move

Advantages of a Speech-Enabled Workplace

Your Voice. It’s easy to use. Most people master the basic interface by third grade. Now, voice recognition has made speech-enabled technologies a reality. Have you spoken to Siri, Alexa, Google Now, or Cortana? Imagine the advantages you can gain from enterprise-class Speech-Enabled UC applications.


Infographic displaying 4 benefits of AVST's Speech-Enabled UC

UC Technology Roadmap

CX-E 8.7 SU4 Release

We’re proud to announce the latest release of CX-E, our enterprise-class unified communications platform. There are a number of enhancements in this release – security and Mobile Client updates, Android 7 and VMware vSphere 6.5 support – but the Skype for Business features are attracting the most interest.


Skype for Business is flourishing in the UC landscape

Ready for the Enterprise: Skype for Business

“Skype for Business is emerging as a major UC platform of the future.”

We see variations of that sentence throughout market analysis, white papers and articles. We even use it ourselves. Why? Take a quick peek at Microsoft by the Numbers.

More than 1.2 BILLION people use MS Office
MS Office is used in over 140 countries and 107 languages
Skype […]

The exciting, but dangerous, path ahead

Call Me, Maybe?

The single most frustrating aspect of using a phone is not being able to connect a call. Whether calling or receiving – cell phone, desk phone or softphone – the inability to reach out and speak with another person is supremely irritating. And needless. Intelligent unified communications applications can dramatically increase first-time call completion.


Infographic showing how AVST boosts call completion