The 5 Cs of Unified Messaging

We’re frequently asked about regulations and compliance issues when it comes to enterprise-class messaging systems. It’s a complex topic, posing problems many UC providers sometimes struggle to overcome. AVST’s 20+ years of experience developing Unified Messaging solutions for thousands of global enterprise customers in a wide variety of industries has led us to develop a list of five critical considerations. We […]

The 5 Cs of Unified Messaging infographic

7 Weeks, 7 Shows

AVST is on the road in January and February. Throughout the year, AVST appears and frequently presents at trade shows across the United States and even overseas. These shows provide us with personal touchpoints, opportunities to grow relationships, and a clearer understanding of the market as a whole. Time spent with industry partners, thought leaders, analysts, CTOs, and enterprise customers […]

AVST on the Road and in the Air

AVST Streamlines Government Purchasing with PEPPM Contracts

PEPPM California has awarded a multi-state contract to AVST. We’ve already performed much of the legwork for public institutions, nonprofits and government agencies with our existing PEPPM Pennsylvania contract, as well as other government cooperative purchasing contracts. These programs reduce the time, effort and cost of purchasing technology products by eliminating the need for public agencies to execute a drawn […]

The Labyrinth of Government Agency Purchasing

AVST at the ACUTA Winter Seminar in Orlando

The New Year brings fresh developments, opportunities and a new schedule of seminars and trade shows for AVST. First up this year, ACUTA (Association for College & University Technology Advancement) is hosting their winter seminar with a focus on  advancing communication and collaboration technologies for higher education. The two principle tracks for ACUTA, January 8-11 in Orlando, Florida will be:


Digital Libraries, Digital Specialists

The TeamQ Call Center Solution

There is a need in organizations of any size to increase call response efficiency. No one appreciates navigating a labyrinth of automated call menus only to find themselves at a dead end with no answers, be it internal staff or external customers. The answer is an informal call center solution designed for specialists and knowledge workers. A lean, cost-effective system […]

TeamQ informal call center in action

7 Reasons to Launch CX-E Cloud

It’s still early in the cloud adoption curve for enterprise. Large organizations typically have significant investments in their existing UC telephony infrastructure and are slow to change. However, the siren call of cloud is clearly being heard. The advantages, particularly flexibility and reduced risk in the face of rapidly changing telecommunications technologies, are too numerous to ignore. These reasons were […]

Infographic, 7 reasons to launch CX-E unified communications in the cloud

Calls Matter

Call completion and secure voice messaging are the linchpins of modern business communications. In a Dialpad study conducted in June 2016, business workers ranked picking up the phone as the #1 most effective and valued way of communicating externally, beating out email, IM, in-person, text messaging and video conferencing.


1930s Telephone Switchboard Operators Making Calls Matter

Why CX-E in the Cloud?

Why did we develop a cloud offering for CX-E, our unified communications solution?

SMBs have been embracing cloud communications for years. Now large organizations are looking at cloud options – both private and public models. While premises-based versions of CX-E remain the norm at the enterprise level, there is increasing interest in moving select UC components to the cloud.


Clouds and city-scape

BC Summit 2016 Wrap-up

This year’s BC Summit 2016 has come to a close.

The BC Summit (formerly the UC Summit) has become the de facto end-cap to the year for unified communications and collaboration programs. It’s a unique community of decision-makers, consultants, analysts, and enterprise customers. What makes this program work so well is the easy way relationships are forged. It’s also held in […]

BC Summit 2016 in Palm Springs

5 Reasons Customers Trust AVST

Why AVST?  Trust.
Our mission is to build unified communications (UC) solutions that transform the productivity of individual workers, teams and businesses. Our emphasis on interoperability allows organizations to leverage the value of their existing IT infrastructure while building a bridge to future technologies. That’s why AVST is trusted by major universities, government agencies, and enterprises spanning the globe.


Infographic illustrating 5 key reasons customers trust AVST