AVST Integration Lab

Ensuring the highest level of interoperability.

Integration Lab Overview

AVST Server Room

At AVST we take great pride in having earned a reputation for providing the highest quality enterprise communications products available. We have built our business on the basic premise that our communications applications must work with all of the major PBX products on the market, supporting a variety of integration methods including analog, digital T1, digital E1, IP, and station set emulation. We believe our ability to offer such a broad selection of PBX integrations provides companies of all sizes with increased flexibility and ensures that they always have a choice when it comes to acquiring critical communications applications. Significantly, AVST's products are designed to operate seamlessly in the evolving TDM to IP switching environment by offering dual TDM/IP integrations in the same network.

The AVST software and integration test labs ensure that AVST products not only support the broadest PBX integration portfolio in the industry but also continue to be highly interoperable across a rapidly widening spectrum of technologies. In addition to an extensive suite of legacy and state-of-the-art PBX systems and 2000-line internal wire plant, the lab is equipped with a multi-Gigabit routed network, full complement of discrete servers and both Hyper-V and VMWare virtualization technologies. With the recent addition of IPv6 suite of supported protocols, our expert staff is able to create test environments that meet or exceed the complexity of modern enterprise communications infrastructures. Activities that take place in the lab include:

  • Development and testing of PBX integrations
  • Interoperability testing with Exchange, Lync, Domino and other unified messaging environments
  • TUI and GUI client testing
  • Administration interface testing
  • Performance and call capacity testing
  • Third-party hardware and software qualification

AVST's continued investment in our software testing and integration lab is indicative of the quality experience we are committed to providing each business that chooses to deploy our world-class communications applications.