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AVST Developer Network and UCConnect™

Instantly Connecting People, Processes and Information

How can businesses create faster response times and more accurate interactions? AVST integrates communications with information, enabling organizations to automate high frequency tasks traditionally managed by individuals. By directly pulling information from popular data sources such as SAP®, Oracle® and Microsoft® SQL Server, AVST is able to deliver relevant content to its customers instantly. Now, businesses can achieve real-time notification alerts based on triggered information, provide next-generation IVR capabilities and create other self service applications.

What is UCConnect?

Imagine being able to design your very own custom application package to fit the specific needs of your organization. Now, with UCConnect™, a Microsoft .NET open development framework, you can do just that.

UCConnect leverages the interoperability and extensibility of the CX-E platform to rapidly create unique applications that work hand in hand with your company’s communications initiatives. Organizations in healthcare, education, government, and enterprises will find UCConnect enables them to deliver smarter communications.

Business Process Examples

AVST’s open and highly extensible CX-E platform enables business efficiency to a variety of industries.


  • Patient Appointment Reminder
  • Bill or Claims Status
  • Call Routing to Department and Staff
  • Information Line for Patients: Test Results and Prescription Status
  • Emergency Call Out Disaster Services
  • Health Plan Benefits Eligibility


  • Notifications for School Closures, Campus Events, Absence
  • Proactive Payment Reminder
  • Access to Course Information
  • Events Hotline
  • Click to Call from Campus Directory

State and Local Government:

  • Polling Place Locator
  • Property Tax Information Line
  • Benefits Eligibility Status
  • License Renewal Request
  • Child Support Payment Status
  • Employment Security Information and Payment System
  • Emergency Message Notification: Severe weather warnings, fires, crime in the area


  • Pay by Phone/Account Information
  • Password Reset
  • Click-to-Call
  • SMS, Email, and Call Notification
  • Order Status
  • Account Balance Inquiry
  • Payment Due Reminder

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