AVST in the News

Published: 10/27/2017  |  Source: KMWorld

AVST and collab9 Continue Shared Movement to Accelerate Adoption to Cloud

Published: 8/18/2017  |  Source: VoIP Review

Collab9 Shares Insights for Making a Smooth, Seamless Switch to UCaaS

Published: 8/3/2017  |  Source: UC Strategies

Microsoft Discontinues Third-Party PBX Integration - What It Could Mean For You

Published: 8/2/2017  |  Source: ChannelNomics

AVST and collab9's partnership

Published: 8/2/2017  |  Source: Computing

Unified comms companies bring US government into the 21st century

Published: 8/2/2017  |  Source: Channel Vision Magazine

AVST, collab9 Partner on UC for Government

Published: 8/1/2017  |  Source: TMCNet

Keep The Covefefe, Give Gov't UCaaS

Published: 8/1/2017  |  Source: Channel Partners

AVST, collab9 Collaborate for Government-Ready UCaaS

Published: 7/31/2017  |  Source: UC Strategies

AVST Answers the Call for Microsoft Exchange UM

Published: 3/21/2017  |  Source: Xmedius

XMedius Announces 2016 Partner of the Year Award Winners

Published: 2/16/2017  |  Source: PRWeb

Converged Communication Systems Partners With AVST

Published: 1/10/2017  |  Source: Marketwire

AVST Addresses Mobility and Engaging Millennials in the Workforce

Published: 1/4/2017  |  Source: Marketwire

AVST Awarded PEPPM Contract Across 50 U.S. States

Published: 11/1/2016  |  Source: Telecom Reseller

AVST Presents the Enterprise Evolution to Skype for Business and Cloud at BC Summit

Published: 10/16/2016  |  Source: Yahoo Finance

AVST Now Part of Arrow Systems Integration Monitoring Solution

Published: 10/4/2016  |  Source: Telecom Reseller

AVST Now Part of Arrow Systems Integration Monitoring Solution

Published: 9/26/2016  |  Source: Other

AudioCodes and AVST Collaborate on Unified Communications Productivity

Published: 9/26/2016  |  Source: PR Newswire

AudioCodes and AVST Collaborate on Unified Communications Productivity

Published: 9/26/2016  |  Source: Yahoo Finance

AVST Partners With AudioCodes to Enhance Enterprise Adoption of Skype for Business

Published: 9/26/2016  |  Source: Yahoo Finance

AVST Spotlights CX-E at Microsoft Ignite

Published: 9/13/2016  |  Source: Yahoo Finance

AVST Enhances CX-E With Powerful New Fax Solution

Published: 9/13/2016  |  Source: Yahoo Finance

AVST Enhances CX-E With Powerful New Fax Solution

Published: 9/12/2016  |  Source: Yahoo Finance

AVST Facilitates a Mobile First Workplace With New Version of CX-E

Published: 6/5/2016  |  Source: Telecom Reseller

UC; The Complete Package

Published: 6/1/2016  |  Source: PR Newswire

ConvergeOne Announces AVST Elite Status

Published: 5/26/2016  |  Source: No Jitter

Alexa Why?

Published: 5/3/2016  |  Source: Yahoo Finance

AVST Awarded Texas DIR Contract

Published: 4/19/2016  |  Source: Yahoo Finance

AVST Thought Leadership on Display at ACUTA Annual Conference

Published: 3/11/2016  |  Source: SiliconANGLE

AVST 'futureproofs' infrastructure for the enterprise

Published: 3/8/2016  |  Source: SiliconANGLE

AVST’s CX-E service joins the cloud

Published: 3/7/2016  |  Source: Yahoo Finance

AVST Offers CX-E in the Cloud

Published: 3/1/2016  |  Source: Yahoo Finance

AVST Presents Skype for Business - A Customer's Journey at Enterprise Connect

Published: 12/11/2015  |  Source: Enterprise Networking Magazine

AVST: Unlocking the Full Potential of Communications Infrastructure

Published: 12/1/2015  |  Source: No Jitter

Goodbye UC Summit, Hello BC Summit

Published: 11/16/2015  |  Source: Yahoo Finance

UCStrategies Taps AVST Thought Leadership at UC Summit

Published: 10/31/2015  |  Source: Real Time Communications

Real Time Communications Week in Review: Apple, AVST, GENBAND

Published: 10/28/2015  |  Source: StreetInsider.com

AVST Highlights UC Applications That Facilitate the 'Always-Connected' Mindset at EDUCAUSE

Published: 10/27/2015  |  Source: Real Time Communications

AVST Updates Atom Personal Assistant Solution

Published: 10/26/2015  |  Source: Yahoo Finance

AVST CEO Addresses the Transition to Skype for Business at ACUTA

Published: 10/26/2015  |  Source: Telecom Reseller

AVST Enhances Atom Personal Assistant

Published: 10/26/2015  |  Source: Fierce Enterprise Communications

AVST adds cloud, virtualization migration support to Atom

Published: 10/26/2015  |  Source: UCStrategies.com

AVST Enhances Atom Personal Assistant

Published: 10/5/2015  |  Source: Virtual-Strategy Magazine

AVST CEO Leads Session on Best Practices for Adopting Skype for Business at SCTC Fall Conference

Published: 9/9/2015  |  Source: ProcessFlows

ProcessFlows Showcases Unified Comms Missing ‘Lync’

Published: 7/28/2015  |  Source: ProcessFlows

AVST achieves 2nd Microsoft Gold Communications Competency

Published: 7/23/2015  |  Source: Telecom Reseller

AVST Announces Skype for Business Webinar Series

Published: 7/22/2015  |  Source: CIOReview

AVST: Bringing Value to Existing and Evolving Communications Infrastructure

Published: 7/9/2015  |  Source: ProcessFlows

AVST Achieves Microsoft Gold Partner Status

Published: 6/19/2015  |  Source: ProcessFlows

AVST Achieves Microsoft Gold Partner Status

Published: 3/16/2015  |  Source: UCStrategies.com

AVST Elevates Voice Capabilities of Lync (Skype for Business) at Enterprise Connect

Published: 1/17/2015  |  Source: TMC.net

Call Center Software Week in Review: Jabra, Momentum CRM, AVST

Published: 1/13/2015  |  Source: Telecom Reseller

AVST Launches TeamQ — Innovative Call Center Solution for Next-Generation Workforce

Published: 1/9/2015  |  Source: Telecom Reseller

AVST Achieves GENBAND Interoperability Qualification

Published: 12/23/2014  |  Source: UCStrategies.com

Meet the Next-Generation Informal Call Center

Published: 11/17/2014  |  Source: NoJitter.com

Why Unified Messaging Matters

Published: 11/5/2014  |  Source: UCStrategies.com

New Voicemail Options for Lync

Published: 9/23/2014  |  Source: UCStrategies.com

AVST Offers First Enterprise-Class Independent Voicemail Solution for Microsoft Lync

Published: 9/22/2014  |  Source: Bloomberg.com

AVST Aligns Best-of-Breed UC Applications With Microsoft

Published: 8/21/2014  |  Source: UCStrategies.com

Mobile UC Needs More Control For Contact Recipients

Published: 7/11/2014  |  Source: HighBeam Research

Pittsburgh Steelers Choose AVST for Unified Communications

Published: 7/9/2014  |  Source: TMCnet.com

Pittsburgh Steelers and AVST Combine to Tackle Unified Communications

Published: 7/8/2014  |  Source: Yahoo Finance

Pittsburgh Steelers Huddle With AVST for Unified Communications

Published: 5/27/2014  |  Source: Yahoo Finance

AVST Earns Preferred Partner Status from NACR

Published: 3/31/2014  |  Source: UCStrategies.com

UC Use Case for Airline Travelers

Published: 2/17/2014  |  Source: UCStrategies.com

Why UCaaS Will Do Better than Premise-based UC

Published: 12/11/2013  |  Source: NoJitter.com

Time for Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Published: 12/5/2013  |  Source: Talking Pointz.com

I Was Wrong About Hybrid

Published: 8/7/2013  |  Source: TMCnet.com

This Atom is Revolutionizing Technology

Published: 5/18/2013  |  Source: UCStrategies.com

AVST Introduces Atom

Published: 4/29/2013  |  Source: Yahoo Finance

UC Summit: AVST Spotlights the 21st Century 'Knowledge Worker'

Published: 12/6/2012  |  Source: UCStrategies.com

UC-Enabled Customer Mobile Self Services Taking Off In The Clouds

Published: 11/30/2012  |  Source: Marketwire

Altura Expands Professional Services Team and Reach

Published: 7/24/2012  |  Source: NoJitter.com

IVR: Interactive Voice Respect

Published: 1/31/2012  |  Source: Unimax

Unimax Introduces Spotlight - a PBX and Voicemail Reporting Dashboard

Published: 11/7/2011  |  Source: UCStrategies.com

Enhancements to CallXpress – Mobile And More

Published: 3/1/2011  |  Source: BusinessWire.com

Ditech Networks and AVST Partner to Deliver Voicemail-to-Text Services to Enterprises

Published: 10/19/2010  |  Source: BusinessWire.com

Black Box Named 2010 Top Partner by AVST

Published: 7/15/2010  |  Source: TMCnet.com

New Versions of Repartee Announced by AVST

Published: 4/8/2010  |  Source: TMCnet.com

AVST and NEC Ink Long Term Strategic Technology Relationship

Published: 4/7/2010  |  Source: TMCnet.com

AVST, NEC Strengthen Unified Communications Market Position

Published: 4/7/2010  |  Source: UCStrategies.com

AVST Acquires Active Voice

Published: 4/6/2010  |  Source: www.ucstrategies.com

AVST Takes a Leap Forward with NEC Deal

Published: 4/6/2010  |  Source: socalTech.com

AVST Absorbs NEC Division

Published: 10/27/2009  |  Source: TMCnet.com

AVST Showcases CallXpress 8 UC Platform at the 2009 ACUTA Fall Seminar

Published: 9/22/2009  |  Source: Sourcewire.com

Avanquest Solutions and AVST develop new Unified Messaging strategy

Published: 9/16/2009  |  Source: TMCnet.com

AVST Offers Cost Saving Incentives for Nortel Customers

Published: 7/7/2009  |  Source: Response Source

Voice enabled Unified Communications from Avanquest Solutions

Published: 4/14/2009  |  Source: Sourcewire.com

10 years of Unified Messaging at Legal Firm

Published: 4/2/2009  |  Source: BusinessWire.com

Black Box Installs AVST Voice System at the University of New Mexico

Published: 3/30/2009  |  Source: Unified Communications Strategies

Unified Communications Comes to AVST CallXpress 8.0

Published: 3/30/2009  |  Source: Jamison Consulting

Nice Use of Speech Technologies – AVST CallXpress 8.0

Published: 3/30/2009  |  Source: FoxNews.com

Neverfail® Powers High Availability for AVST’s CallXpress® 8

Published: 1/14/2009  |  Source: TMCnet.com

AVST to Demo Unified Communications Platform to Colleges

Published: 12/16/2008  |  Source: Speech Technology

AVST Enhances CallXpress with STT

Published: 12/9/2008  |  Source: TMCnet.com

AVST Now Supports Symantec Enterprise Vault for Voicemail Archiving Solution

Published: 12/3/2008  |  Source: Speech Technology

AVST Offers Voicemail Archiving for E-Discovery

Published: 11/11/2008  |  Source: TMCnet.com

AVST's CallXpress Helps Companies Enhance Efficiency

Published: 10/29/2008  |  Source: Smallbiztechnology.com

Unified Communications: Beyond Traditional PBX

Published: 10/8/2008  |  Source: TMCnet.com

Report: AVST Named a Top Unified Messaging Provider

Published: 10/7/2008  |  Source: UCStrategies.com

UM Update – Evaluating UM Solutions

Published: 7/31/2008  |  Source: TMCnet.com

Florida County to Use AVST IP PBX-Ready Unified Communications Solution

Published: 7/28/2008  |  Source: Speech Technology

AVST Unveils New CallXpress Version

Published: 7/22/2008  |  Source: Campus Technology

AVST, Mirapoint Team Up To Provide Unified Messaging

Published: 7/16/2008  |  Source: TMCnet.com

AVST Showcases CallXpress, Unified Communications Platform

Published: 7/9/2008  |  Source: TMCnet.com

AVST UC Platform to Ease Next-Gen IP Telephony, Unified Messaging

Published: 7/8/2008  |  Source: Speech Technology

AVST Unveils New CallXpress Version

Published: 6/2/2008  |  Source: Speech Technology

Mission-Critical Communications

Published: 5/12/2008  |  Source: PhonePlus Mag

Reseller Helps City of Phoenix Deploy CallXpress to Support 14,000+ Users

Published: 5/6/2008  |  Source: TMCnet.com

Team One, AVST Partner for CallXpress Delivery to Clients

Published: 4/16/2008  |  Source: Information Week

Unified Something-Or-Other

Published: 3/19/2008  |  Source: InformationWeek.com

VoiceCon: Collaboration, Unified Communications Dominate The Agenda

Published: 2/28/2008  |  Source: Processor.com

Unifying Your SME’s Communications

Published: 1/10/2008  |  Source: Sourcewire.com

Waveney District Council find AVST's CallXpress Invaluable

Published: 12/11/2007  |  Source: SearchVoIP.com

Confused about unified communications?

Published: 12/7/2007  |  Source: Processor.com

Implementing Unified Communications

Published: 11/28/2007  |  Source: CRMToday

AVST Debuts Nortel® Meridian Mail Support For CallXpress®

Published: 11/9/2007  |  Source: PhonePlus Mag

Case Study: Del Monte Foods Orders Up AVST CallXpress System

Published: 11/3/2007  |  Source: VoIP News

Del Monte saves £75,000 through VoIP

Published: 11/1/2007  |  Source: Telappliant

Del Monte hails success of VoIP roll-out

Published: 10/26/2007  |  Source: Financial News USA

Del Monte Foods Selects CallXpress(R) Unified Communications

Published: 10/25/2007  |  Source: TMCnet.com

Del Monte Standardizes Facilities on CallXpress Unified Communications Platform

Published: 10/15/2007  |  Source: PhonePlus Mag

AVST Partners With Westcon Group

Published: 9/27/2007  |  Source: IT Backbones Software News

CallXpress Provides Resellers With A UM Solution To Suit All Tastes

Published: 9/17/2007  |  Source: DestinationCRM.com

Fewer Vendors Sit Atop Gartner's Magic Quadrant for Unified Communications

Published: 9/7/2007  |  Source: The Channel Show

AVST Reseller Program

Published: 8/14/2007  |  Source: Commbusiness UK

UC Win for AVST

Published: 8/1/2007  |  Source: IT Pro

Unified Messaging: Will It Finally Meet Its Promise?

Published: 7/27/2007  |  Source: Digital50.com

Independent Messaging Vendors Offer Greater Value for a Dynamic Marketplace

Published: 7/19/2007  |  Source: Small Business Computing.com

Can You Hear Me Now? Unify Your Communications

Published: 7/19/2007  |  Source: Small Business Computing.com

Can You Hear Me Now? Unify Your Communications

Published: 7/11/2007  |  Source: ComputerWeekly.com

Unified messaging system updates company's voicemail

Published: 7/10/2007  |  Source: ComputerWeekly.com

Unified messaging system updates company's voicemail

Published: 7/1/2007  |  Source: Campus Technology

Coming Together

Published: 7/1/2007  |  Source: Campus Technology

Coming Together

Published: 7/1/2007  |  Source: Campus Technology

United Communications

Published: 6/20/2007  |  Source: Datamonitor Computerwire

Crane Pulls Off VoIP Forklift Upgrade

Published: 6/12/2007  |  Source: iAfrica.com

Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University Implements CallXpress

Published: 4/24/2007  |  Source: ManufacturingTalk

VoIP migration for Maryland University

Published: 4/23/2007  |  Source: Accela Communications

Accela Communications Produces On-Demand Rich Media FocalPoint Site for AVST

Published: 4/19/2007  |  Source: eWeek Channel Insider

VARs See UC as Unconquered Territory

Published: 3/27/2007  |  Source: InfoWorld

Unified under law

Published: 3/6/2007  |  Source: Network World

VoiceCon: AVST offers four options to deploy unified messaging

Published: 1/16/2007  |  Source: ManufacturingTalk

IP and digital switching solutions

Published: 9/27/2006  |  Source: Women's Radio

Learning the Value of Unifying Communications

Published: 9/21/2006  |  Source: TMCnet.com

AVST Unveils CallXpress Speech Server Version 4.8

Published: 9/13/2006  |  Source: Bobs Guide

Azzurri rewarded for selling CallXpress

Published: 8/28/2006  |  Source: IT World.com

Communications Mashup

Published: 8/10/2006  |  Source: Sourcewire.com

Access to mobile voicemail messages through CallXpress IS secure

Published: 6/21/2006  |  Source: Computerweekly.com

Get the message on storage growth

Published: 3/1/2006  |  Source: Marketwire

Worldwide IP PBX Revenue Up 23%, TDM Systems Down 15% in 2005

Published: 3/1/2006  |  Source: VoiceCon.com

Industry Leaders to Unveil Groundbreaking Technologies At VoiceCon Spring 2006

Published: 3/1/2006  |  Source: The Plain Dealer

Voice mail: Keep it brief, to point

Published: 1/30/2006  |  Source: TelephonyWorld.com


Published: 11/29/2005  |  Source: ComputerWeekly.com

Portman Gets the Message with Unified Communications

Published: 10/31/2005  |  Source: Sourcewire.com


Published: 10/21/2005  |  Source: VoIP Blog - Rich Tehrani

AVST CallXpress 7.71

Published: 9/30/2005  |  Source: TMCNet.com

Telecom Tech Aids Hurricane Relief Efforts

Published: 9/21/2005  |  Source: Frost & Sullivan

Technology Companies Lend a Helping Hand in Katrina Relief Efforts

Published: 9/13/2005  |  Source: PRWeb

Jonesboro-Based Optus Inc. Assists in Hurricane Katrina Recovery

Published: 9/1/2005  |  Source: Campus Technology

No More ‘Away’ Messages

Published: 8/16/2005  |  Source: TMCNet.com

Unified Communications Meets VoIP: A Marriage Made In Heaven

Published: 5/16/2005  |  Source: VarBusiness

AVST Makes VarBusiness Top 100 Midmarket Solutions List

Published: 3/21/2005  |  Source: socalTech.com

Interview with Hardy Myers, President and CEO of AVST

Published: 11/16/2004  |  Source: Communications Convergence

AVST Ships CallXpress 7.5

Published: 11/8/2004  |  Source: NetworkWorldFusion

Deployment options put speech within reach

Published: 9/9/2004  |  Source: Gartner

Mitel and AVST Cut Cost of Unified Messaging

Published: 9/1/2004  |  Source: Communications News

From voice mail to UC