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Introducing Repartee 11.6

Dear AVST Customer:

I am pleased to announce the release of the latest version of our ReparteeĀ® product line - Repartee LX 11.6. Significantly, this is the third major release of Repartee LX since AVST and Active Voice merged in 2010 and represents a substantial additional R & D investment by AVST on this product line.

AVST Repartee 11.7 Logo

New features in Repartee LX 11.6 include Presence Greetings support, Mobile Web Mailbox Manager support for iPhone and Android, and Google Chrome support for Web Administration Console and Web Mailbox Manager.

We also continue to remain focused on ease of installation for new systems and ease of upgrade from previous versions of Repartee. For example, all Repartee turnkey solutions ship with the Repartee software pre-loaded on the server and can be up and running and ready for site specific configuration upon power up. The upgrade process from previous versions continues to be optimized to meet your field requirements.

For over 20 years, the Repartee product line has been serving your customersā€™ communications and hospitality needs with tremendous reliability and value. Repartee LX 11.6 is the next chapter in this very successful long term product story. We look forward to working with you on educating your current customers and prospects on the value of purchasing and/or upgrading to Repartee LX 11.6.


Hardy Myers
President & CEO

For more information on Repartee LX, please click here.

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