Active Voice Announces Latest Version of its Enterprise Unified Communications Solution

Organizations Can Take Advantage of Networking, Shared Extension Mailbox and Call Return Features

Seattle, Washington, USA—June 21, 2004—Active Voice, LLC, a global provider of unified messaging, computer telephony and voice messaging solutions, today announced the latest version of its Kinesis unified communications solution. Version 2.7 offers several new features, including networking capability, Shared Extension Mailbox and Call Return features, and IMAP (Internet Messaging Access Protocol) integration. Active Voice’s Kinesis product is a Microsoft® Exchange®-based unified communications solution targeted at the large enterprise market.

“This latest release of our Kinesis product focuses on features for large, multi-site organizations, like those in the higher education market,” said Mike Prescott, Active Voice’s vice president of sales and marketing. “In addition, Active Voice’s Kinesis solution is especially designed with the unique requirements of large enterprises—superior reliability, advanced functionality, and enhanced security – in mind.”

Smooth Message Transmission with Networking
The latest version of the product supports AMIS (Audio Messaging Interchange Specification), VPIM (Voice Profile for Internet Mail) and ActiveNetâ networking to allow voice messages to be exchanged between entirely different voice mail systems, which may reside at different physical locations and be made by different manufacturers. AMIS is a purely analog protocol that exchanges messages using analog message playback and DTMF (Dual Tone Multi Frequency) tones for communication and control. VPIM and ActiveNet are digital protocols that transmit voice messages as digital files and work up to five times faster than AMIS analog networking, which transmits the recorded voice. Because digital messages can be sent across the Internet, the cost is less than transmitting analog messages over telephone lines. In short, digital networking streamlines communications and can produce significant cost savings for an organization.

Reliable Message Notification with Shared Extension Mailboxes
Active Voice’s Kinesis product also supports system configurations where multiple subscribers share one telephone extension. The Shared Extension Mailbox feature allows system administrators to enable a maximum of nine subscribers to be associated with each shared extension. By using the recorded voice names of the subscribers, Active Voice’s Kinesis solution will automatically generate a system greeting for outside callers that access the shared extension. Subscribers will also be able to record individual greetings and customize the group greeting. In addition, outside callers can leave messages for individuals or the entire group associated with the extension. Message waiting lamps, if available, will remain lit as long as any member of the group has new messages pending. “This feature is ideal for university dorm rooms or office environments where people share office space,” added Prescott.

Call Return Allows Direct Call Transfers
With the new Call Return feature, subscribers have the option to be transferred directly to the message sender. The telephone number may be a subscriber extension number, a number captured from Caller ID or a number entered by the caller leaving a message. Call Return enables subscribers to return calls quickly and more efficiently.

Additional Features
Active Voice’s Kinesis product also supports IMAP integration. This allows the voice mail system to connect to external e-mail servers that support IMAP, allowing subscribers such as college students to check, reply, redirect, save, and delete e-mail messages conveniently over the telephone. This latest product version also offers Priority Broadcast Message, Holiday Greeting and Message Expiration features. Digital integrations with popular Nortel and Siemens Rolm telephone systems are also supported.

System is Flexible, Scalable and Reliable
Active Voice’s Kinesis solution gives users the ability to access their voice, fax and e-mail messages from the Microsoft Outlook® inbox, where the information can be managed from a PC, telephone or the Internet. Its optional ViewCall® module allows users to handle live telephone traffic from the desktop. Users can also access their calendars and listen and reply to e-mail using the latest Text-to-Speech technology. Increased message access and real-time call control can allow business professionals to provide exceptional customer service and quickly share information across the company.

Active Voice’s Kinesis system is ideal for companies that are looking for a unified communications system that fits into their Microsoft Exchange environment, and for organizations who experience heavy message traffic, such as those in the healthcare and higher education markets. The Kinesis system harnesses the power and reliability of Exchange 2003 and Windows® 2003, to provide simplified administration, a single directory service and a single message store. The flexible architecture of the system helps to minimize installation, administration, and maintenance costs—thereby lowering an organization’s total cost of ownership and making life easier for system administrators.

In addition, the modular design of Active Voice’s Kinesis solution allows for a high level of reliability and scalability. By clustering Kinesis system servers, organizations can handle hundreds of callers simultaneously. The Exchange message store servers can also be clustered to ensure messages are always available. The system can scale to 72 ports on a single server, or to several hundred ports in a clustered configuration.

Active Voice’s Kinesis solution supports both traditional and IP telephone systems, as well as combined IP/PBX environments, meeting the needs of organizations as they migrate to IP telephony. The Kinesis product is available through Active Voice’s reseller channel, strategic partners and international offices in the Netherlands and Australia.

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