Active Voice Launches Newest Version of its Repartee® for Windows® Unified Communications Solution

New Product Version Offers Hospitality, Networking, Multi-Language Features, and Windows 2003 Server Support

Seattle, Washington, USA—May 3, 2005— Active Voice, LLC, a global provider of unified messaging, computer telephony, and voice messaging solutions, today announced the newest version of its Repartee® for Windows® unified communications solution. The Repartee for Windows version 2.3 product offers a Hospitality feature package, networking capabilities, multi-lingual speech recognition and text-to-speech prompts, and Windows 2003 Server support.

“With this latest Repartee for Windows release, our customers can take advantage of even more robust unified communications features and functionality,” said Mike Ridgeway, Active Voice’s director of marketing. “We are pleased that customers in the hotel and resort industry can now utilize our Hospitality feature package to offer their guests a wide range of voice messaging services. In addition, these organizations can now exchange messages with remote offices quickly and easily using one of our new networking packages.”

Hospitality Feature Packages Now Available
The latest version of the Repartee for Windows product offers a Hospitality feature package and Property Management System (PMS) integration specifically designed to help hotels and resorts provide their guests with personal, accurate, and timely messages. Features include personal greetings, security codes, guest directory, welcome messages, wake-up calls, and auto-login when checking voice mail messages. By integrating a hospitality system with a PMS, voice mail management becomes automated. For example, all check-ins and check-outs can be managed directly by the PMS, and front desk personnel can register guests without accessing the voice mail system, thereby helping save valuable time when guests are ready to depart. Repartee for Windows also supports integration to over sixty PMS systems and offers several guest languages, including German, French Canadian, Japanese, Italian, and Spanish.

Remote Networking Made Easy
Repartee for Windows supports three types of networking packages, (together known as ActiveNet® networking), that allow organizations to communicate via long distance with regional offices, vendors, or customers who have multiple remote systems. These packages include AMIS (Audio Messaging Interchange Specification), AMIS PlusNet™ and VPIM (Voice Profile for Internet Mail) networking. ActiveNet networking allows users to send, redirect, delete, skip, save, or reply to remote messages quickly from a touchtone telephone or via Active Voice’s TeLANophy™ applications. AMIS is a telephony-based protocol in which messages are exchanged via the public telephone network using analog message playback and DTMF tones for communication and control. AMIS PlusNet enhances the AMIS protocol by offering advanced features such as unlimited number of messages per call, unlimited number of recipients per message, and message announcements using the sender’s voice name. VPIM is a digital protocol that transmits voice messages as digital files. It can help an organization leverage its existing IP network to increase transfer rate and reduce long distance charges when sending messages.

Multiple Language Support
The Repartee for Windows product supports Nuance® 8.5 speech recognition functionality. By speaking simple commands into any telephone, subscribers can navigate their voice mailbox and change personal options, such as message notification and playback options. The latest version of Repartee for Windows supports up to four speech recognition languages per server; supported languages include European French, French Canadian, German, Italian, and Madrid Spanish. Repartee for Windows also offers text-to-speech functionality for Microsoft Exchange®, Lotus Notes and Novell® GroupWise® through the high-quality ScanSoft® RealSpeak™ engine. With text-to-speech functionality, users can listen to an e-mail message using text-to-speech conversion, and then record a reply, which is sent either as a voice mail message or an e-mail with a WAV file attachment. The latest version of Repartee for Windows supports up to four text-to-speech languages per server; supported languages include Cantonese Chinese, European French, French Canadian, German, Iberian Portuguese, Italian, Madrid Spanish, and Mexican Spanish.

Additional Product Enhancements
The new Repartee for Windows product supports both the Windows 2000 and Windows 2003 Server operating systems. It also will provide notification that a fax sent via Print-to-Fax was either delivered successfully or failed, and will include the recipient’s fax number and CSID, date and time the fax was sent, and the number of pages that were successfully sent. In addition, Repartee for Windows supports the ability to import a subscriber list from a CSV file. The CSV import utility can be used to import fields such as name, personal ID and fax ID, which can greatly streamline configuring a new Repartee for Windows system. The new version of Repartee for Windows now also includes a Voice Mail Control Panel utility for increased ease and intuitiveness of installation, maintenance and troubleshooting.

The new Repartee for Windows product will be available through Active Voice’s domestic reseller channel, strategic partners and international offices in the Netherlands and Australia.

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