Active Voice Announces General Availability of its Kinesis® Unified Communications System Version 2.9

Kinesis v2.9 offers Octel compatibility mode for legacy system replacement

Seattle, WA—February 9, 2007— Active Voice, LLC, a global provider of voice mail, unified communications and speech-activated solutions, announces the release of its new Kinesis Version 2.9, unified communications system. In addition to providing true unified messaging with Microsoft® Exchange®, Kinesis Version 2.9 adds an affordable AV Message Store a highly cost effective voice messaging solution.

Kinesis delivers a wide range of messaging and mobility features that can help companies streamline communications and business workflow. The Kinesis system provides convenient access to voice, fax, and e-mail messages from the phone, Microsoft Outlook® client, or browser, helping to improve employee productivity and maximize collaboration.

“This latest release of our Kinesis product illustrates our commitment to delivering best-in-class unified messaging solutions for our customers,” said Victor Foia, Active Voice’s president and CEO. “With today’s communications explosion, who has time to check multiple inboxes for new messages? With the Kinesis unified messaging system, users can have all voice, fax and email messages unified in Exchange. They can retrieve all messages using the most convenient device, including cell phone, web browser, or Outlook. Users can even listen to email via their phone and reply with a voice message. This will transform how people work and will enable a significant boost to productivity.”

Kinesis delivers true unified messaging improving employee productivity, accessibility, and customer responsiveness. With the full Kinesis unified messaging deployment, all messages are conveniently stored in the Exchange server. With one glance at Outlook, employees can see all new and urgent messages eliminating the need to separately check for new voice mail, faxes, and email messages. Users can even set rules for Kinesis to call a cell phone when an urgent message arrives or when a message is received from a boss, family, or other important people.

With either full unified messaging or voice mail only, Kinesis is ideal for replacing a legacy voice mail system from Octel/Avaya or Centigram/Mitel. Kinesis v2.9 offers telephone user interface (TUI) emulation for Octel Aria® and Serenade® and Centigram®. It is not necessary for users to learn a new voice mail interface. Each user can stay with the TUI they are most comfort with, virtually eliminating the need for re-training on basic voice mail functionality.

Many large enterprises have a network of aging Octel voice mail systems. Kinesis v2.9 supports an optional AV OctelNet gateway which allows the company to easily replace one or more nodes and still preserving the convenient message exchange using OctelNet, AMIS Analog or VPIM2.

Kinesis supports a broad range of third party fax servers. In most cases, the same system can be used with Exchange.

Kinesis is integrated with Active Directory and Exchange Server. In Kinesis v2.9, added functionality supports multiple Active Directory domains. Administrators can add users and Kinesis Servers to any domain via a secure browser from any location. Kinesis provides tools for monitoring the status and utilization of system resources.

In addition to Microsoft Exchange email, Kinesis can be used to listen to email from Lotus Notes, Groupwise, and other email inboxes that support IMAP. Just like Exchange, users can reply or forward with a voice message, and save or delete the message from any phone.

Active Voice’s Kinesis solution gives users the flexibility to access their voice, fax and e-mail messages from the Microsoft Outlook inbox, where the information can be managed from a PC, telephone or the Internet. Users can also access their calendars and listen and reply to e-mail using the latest Text-to-Speech technology. Increased message access and real-time call control can allow business professionals to provide exceptional customer service and quickly share information across the company.

With Version 2.9, customers now have the option of starting basic and scaling when needed. Kinesis can be deployed as a voice mail only solution at locations where unified messaging is not required or where Exchange is not being used. This provides all the voice mail, automated receptionist, and person phone assistance features of Kinesis at a very affordable price. This configuration uses the new AV Message Store to save voice messages which saves the cost of an Exchange server and Outlook clients. Users can still play and delete voice messages via the web browser using the Kinesis Web Mailbox Access.

For companies that require a more full-featured unified messaging system that fits into their Microsoft Exchange environment and for organizations that experience heavy message traffic, the full Kinesis unified messaging system can be installed. The Kinesis system harnesses the power and reliability of Exchange and Windows®, to provide simplified administration, a single directory service and a single message store. The flexible architecture of the system helps to minimize installation, administration, and maintenance costs—thereby lowering an organization’s total cost of ownership and making life easier for system administrators.

In addition, the modular design of Active Voice’s Kinesis solution allows for a high level of reliability and scalability. By clustering Kinesis system servers, organizations can handle hundreds of callers simultaneously. The Exchange message store servers can also be clustered to ensure messages are always available. The system can scale to 72 ports on a single server, or to several hundred ports in a clustered configuration.

Active Voice’s Kinesis solution supports both traditional and IP telephone systems, as well as combined IP/PBX environments, meeting the needs of organizations as they migrate to IP telephony. The Kinesis product is available through Active Voice’s reseller channel, strategic partners and international offices in the Netherlands and Australia.

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