Highly scalable, cloud-ready multi-tenant platform delivering rich communications.

CX-C Specifications



Voice and Fax Ports

  • 48 to 6,000

Supported Users

  • 1,000 to 1,000,000

Number of Communities

  • No Limit

Number of Telephony Integrations Per System

  • No Limit

VNumber of Automated Attendant Menus

  • No Limit


Multi-Server Architecture

  • Telephony Servers, Core Server and Application Servers

High Availability

  • N+1 Architecture
  • All CX-C Software Components Run in HA Configuration
  • Active/Passive Core Server with Real Time Updates
  • Applications Services Run Load Balanced in an N+1 Configuration
  • Telephony Load-balancing and Failover is Achieved by Spanning Trunks Groups Over N+1 Telephony Servers

Disaster Recovery

  • True Geo-redundancy
  • Active/Passive Server Arrangement

Telephony SIP Interfaces

  • Direct Telephony SIP Interfaces
  • SIP Media Gateways

Multi-Tenant Support

  • Hierarchical Software Partitioning Model
  • Groups and Communities
  • All Applications Optimized for Group Environment
  • Administrators Partitioned by Groups

Operating System

  • Red Hat® Enterprise Linux®


  • IBM® DB2®

Common Framework

  • Apache™, Tomcat™, Java™, C++, XML, Syslog, SNMP, IMAP


Mobile Applications

  • Unified Messaging
  • Single Number Reach
  • Single Mailbox

Messaging Applications

  • Voicemail
  • Automated Attendant
  • Broadcast Messaging
  • Fax Messaging


Operation, Administration and Maintenance

Web-based Administration

  • Support for Multi Levels of Administrators

System Dashboard

  • Supports Multiple Locations and Time Zones


  • Mailbox Usage, Call Session, Port Traffic, Uninitialized Mailboxes, Administrative Active, Message Usage, and Custom Reports (APIs)


  • Supports Custom Portals, Allows External Mailbox Management and EMI for Automated Provisioning


  • All Web Interfaces Protected with Encryption SSL
  • All Activities are Logged/Audited
  • All Services run as Authenticated Accounts
  • Services use Password Hashing for DB Access


  • UCConnect .NET Open Development Framework for Business Process Enablement
  • Information Access and Delivery 24x7

Web Services

  • Web Services (SOAP/XML) for Integration into Web Portals, Directories and Applications
  • Message Access from a Web Portal, Availability Status, and Click-to-Call

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