AVST CX-E Premise

Industry's most interoperable platform delivering resilient enterprise communications solutions.

CX-E Premise Testimonials

Banner Health
“We turned to AVST because it was the only solution that enabled us to consolidate our call processing into a single system while protecting our GENBAND and NEC telephony investments.”
San Diego State University
“With an average of up to 200,000 calls a week, we needed a system that could reliably handle such a high call volume and provide a platform for growth. CX-E was the only solution that fit the bill.”
SDSU Director of Voice Services & ATI
“We reaped 4X savings in maintenance.”
University of Maryland Baltimore
“We were impressed with how simple it was to convert our Octel system to CX-E. Our users were up and running on the system without delay.”
“CX-E provides us with the perfect private cloud architecture, including survivability.”
“CX-E was the perfect fit … offering an easy integration path for both our TDM and IP switch.”
University of North Carolina Chapel Hill
“AVST has made the transition from our existing telephony system an extremely painless experience.”
UMass Amherst
"From day one, AVST's CX-E platform has been rock solid. Its architecture, interoperability and powerful set of UC applications have allowed us to utilize all of the current, cutting-edge communication technologies that are out there today."
University of Toronto
“CX-E is a workhorse — it takes 450,000 calls a month with over 300 Automated Attendant menus - and doesn’t even break a sweat!”
Aims Community College
“One of the main selling points for CX-E was that we did not have to retrain our users on a new system, and, thanks to AVST’s Octel TUI emulation, there was no retraining at all — it was an extremely smooth process for our faculty and staff. This was by far the easiest conversion I have ever made.”

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