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CX-H Specifications

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Communications Infrastructure

System Features

Maximum Users 5,000
Maximum UM Users per Node (Internal) 1,250
Maximum Ports 72 TDM or 72 IP
Maximum Storage Hours 3,200
Supported Integrations Over 150 Analog / TDM & IP
System Operating System Linux
Voice Mail Networking AMIS & PlusNet
Hardware Redundancy Yes, Level II
Virtualization Yes

Mailbox Features

TUIs (Telephone User Interfaces) Native, Octel (Aria), Centigram/NuPoint
Interview Boxes Unlimited
Transaction Boxes Unlimited
Auto-Copy Yes
Extension Remapping Yes
Unified Messaging (UM) Yes
ActiveSuite Client Apps (UM) (Microsoft Clients) Optional, Microsoft or Lotus
Fax Support (UM) Yes
Maximum Fax Channels (UM) 8
System Reporting Logs, Errors, Statistic & Usage

Mobility Features

Web Mailbox Access (UM) Yes
Web Administration Access (UM) Yes
Text-to-Speech (UM) Yes
Voicemail-to-Text Optional
IMAP4/SMTP Support (UM) Yes
RSS & IGoogle Support (UM) Yes

Auto-Attendant Features

Supervised & Blind Transfer Options Yes
Multiple Menu Levels Yes
Multiple Language Support Yes
Schedule Based Greetings Yes (Up to 4 Greetings)
Flexible Mailbox Numbering Yes
Transfer to Any Extension Yes
Dial By Name Directory Yes
Multiple Schedules 100

User Features

Supervised & Blind Transfer Options Yes
Multiple Language Prompts & TUI Yes
New Mailbox Tutorial Yes (TUI or Web)
Password Protection Yes
Personal Greeting Yes
Alternate Greeting Yes
Other Greeting(s) Yes
Personal Transfer Menu Yes
Message Rewind/Fast Forward Yes
Urgent Message Yes
Private Message Yes
Return Receipt Message Yes
Future Delivery Message Yes
First In / First Out (FIFO) Yes
Last In / First Out (LIFO) Yes
Personal Distribution List Yes
System Distribution List Yes
Live Record Yes (Client Apps via Barge-in)
Message Notification Yes
Cascading Notification Yes
Pager and Message Delivery Yes
User Class Of Service Individual Mailbox Settings
Administration via TUI Yes
Administration via WEB Yes

Hospitality Features

Guest Mailboxes / Property Management System Support / WakeUp Call / Checkin / Checkout / Move Rooms / All Hotel Guests Message Group / Multiple Extensions per Guest Room / No Password Login / Full User Privileges for Guest / Guest Login Greeting / Hospitality Reports / Attendant Administrator Interface

Supported Languages

English (NA) / English (UK) / English (AUS) / French (Parisian) / French (CA) / Spanish (Latin America) / Spanish (Madrid) / Spanish (Mexican) / German / Danish / Dutch / Italian / Portuguese (Brazilian) / Portuguese (Iberian) / Chinese (Mandarin) / Chinese (Cantonese) / Japanese

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