AVST Elevates Skype for Business

Mission-critical applications for Skype for Business.

Personal Assistant for Skype for Business

Empower your mobile workforce with a next-generation Personal Assistant. Think of it as Siri® or Cortana® for the enterprise. AVST’s Personal Assistant tells callers when users are away, it lets users know what’s on their calendars, acknowledges callers with a brief message when users are unavailable and even transfers calls. Not only does AVST’s Personal Assistant help efficiently handle voice messages, it manages calendar entries, contacts and other office tasks through speech commands. Plus, it offers a secure mobile client application. It’s the perfect solution to keep mobile workers productive.

Important Calls are Never Missed

AVST’s Personal Assistant understands the context of any given situation by integrating with Skype for Business status, calendar, and user schedule, and it knows a user’s location via built-in geo-centric functionality. It uses this information to route incoming calls to the optimal device – Skype for Business client, mobile device, desk phone – at any given time, whether a user is in a meeting, en route, in the office or home. AVST’s Personal Assistant features include:

  • Intelligent Speech-Enabled Personal Assistant
  • Mobile Client for iPhone and Android
  • Location-Based Services to Route Calls to Optimal Device
  • Call Screening on Any Device
  • Single Number Reach
  • Mobile Number Protection
  • Federated Presence to Microsoft Exchange, Office 365 and Skype for Business
  • Multi-Lingual Support

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