Personal Assistant

Speech-enabled, context-aware, enhances first-time call completion

AVST's Personal Assistant

"Pleased to meet you! Let me show you how I can help manage your everyday business tasks. What would you like to do?"

Hears you – simply speak up

AVST's Personal Assistant is built with the world’s leading speech recognition engine, Nuance®, which uses your voice to manage your messages, calendar, calls and availability from anywhere — even while driving.

Tells others when you’re away

AVST's Personal Assistant is always in sync with your calendar and will notify callers when you are “at lunch and will be back at 1 pm” or “in a meeting and will be back at 10 am.” On vacation? It will let your callers know. AVST's Personal Assistant also keeps an eye on your IM presence and will not send calls to your device when set to “do not disturb.”

Knows your location

Location-based services know when you’ve arrived at the office, reached home or are anywhere in-between — and will deliver your calls to the optimal device.

Goes mobile when you do

AVST's Personal Assistant is built with the most sought after mobile features: hands-free speech access, single number reach, mobile number protection, location-based services and a native mobile client to manage messages, contacts and presence status. Plus, AVST's Personal Assistant keeps you connected to the office, wherever you go. It is just as concerned about security as you are, and will not store any business data on your personal mobile device.

Provides a personal touch to important callers

When you’re unable to take an important incoming call, one of the unique qualities is to relay a brief personal message to your caller. AVST's Personal Assistant identifies the caller so you can “Acknowledge” them by sending a quick personalized message back. “John, I have someone in my office at the moment, I will call you back in 10 minutes.”

Connects to the cloud

AVST's Personal Assistant manages your office applications regardless of whether they are in the cloud or in the office. It connects to your email, contacts and calendar to deliver unified messaging, contact dialing and calendar management. Need access to voicemails, faxes and emails in a single location, accessible on any device? Driving to work and want to know what’s on the schedule for today? Need to accept that meeting request your client sent? Making a call from the road and need to look up the contact in your address book? It is always with you to maximize your productivity.

Speaks your language

Whether it’s US English, US Spanish, Canadian French, UK English or Australian English – AVST's Personal Assistant speaks your language and understands you.

Thinks Outside of the Conventional UC Box

Here is what some of the most respected analysts in telecommunications and unified communications are saying about AVST's Personal Assistant:


Mobile Client

  • Secure Mobile Client for Android and iPhone
  • Place, Receive, and Manage Business Calls
  • Single Number Reach
  • Basic Call Screening: Accept and Send to Voicemail
  • View and Manage Voice Messages

Call Completion

  • Calendar-Based Call Routing
  • Presence Status Call Routing
  • Location-Based Call Routing (Geofencing and WiFi)
  • User Schedule Call Routing

Secure Messaging

  • Private Voice Messages Cannot be Forwarded Internally or Externally
  • Restricts Web Client Message Streams so Copies are not Retained or Forwarded Externally
  • Supports TLS for Message Encryption
  • Supports Secure RTP
  • Strong Password Enforcement

Personal Assistant

  • Speech-Enabled: “Call John Smith”, “Get new Email”
  • Presence Integration with Calendar/IM to Inform Callers of User Status
  • Advanced Call Screening: Accept, Send to Voicemail, Acknowledge, Transfer to Another Person/Device, Record Call
  • Multi-Lingual Support

Multi-Lingual Personal Assistant

  • US English
  • US Spanish
  • Canadian French
  • UK English
  • European
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Australian English

AVST Personal Assistant is available on CX-E

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