Secure Fax over IP, including Fax mobile client


AVST Delivers Leading Fax Solutions for Companies of Any Size

Integrate Fax into CX-E for Secure Unified Messaging

Fax communications is a mission-critical tool for highly regulated industries with complex data security policies and regulations. Faced with a growing mobile workforce and Fax over IP (FoIP) adoption, a new type of fax service is needed.

CX-E Premise integrates with XMediusFAX® to deliver one of the most secure, reliable and scalable enterprise-class unified messaging solutions available on the market.

Discover the benefits of integrating FAX with CX-E Premise today

  • Unified Messaging of Voice and Fax Messages
  • View Fax Messages in CX-E Mobile and Web Clients
  • iPhone, iPad and Android Mobile Apps
  • Telephone Access to Fax Messages
  • Advanced Message Notification through MWI, SMS, and Outcall

Fax Advantage

AVST optimizes the integration between CX-E and XMediusFAX. The solution is designed to meet the needs of industries with a heavy fax load and a need for cutting-edge security: healthcare, financial services, manufacturing, education, law, and government.

Going Mobile

CX-E integrated with XMediusFAX provides a mobile fax service that features the ability for users to fax directly from their iPhone, iPad or Android device – no phone line or computer required. Quick and easy faxing from anywhere, at any time – with the assurance that all sensitive and confidential data is transmitted securely.

Have an Existing Fax Server?

AVST emphasizes building solutions that integrate easily within your existing environment, without requiring extensive upgrades or adjustments. That's why CX-E can support many leading third-party fax packages. Most of the popular fax server packages support their own gateways to the email server, which provides a common fax message class and fax domain address.

XMediusFAX® – 3 Options

  • XMediusFAX Express: desktop, email and hardcopy faxing, ideal for satisfying small business compliance requirements
  • XMediusFAX Enterprise: cost-effective business process integrations, advanced applications, monitoring, and reporting tools for medium to large enterprise
  • XMediusFAX SP: for organizations that require the XMediusFAX Enterprise capabilities in a high availability and disaster recovery configuration

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