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Three decades of innovating the most powerful voice applications.

Voice Applications

AVST offers the most powerful enterprise-class voicemail, automated attendant and fax solutions on the market. With three decades of continuous development, AVST's solutions enable the migration of first-generation messaging systems to next-generation UC deployments. Discover how AVST is the bridge that connects your past to your future.


AVST has been a leading provider of voicemail solutions for the past three decades and we are paving the way to its re-invention for your future. We provide all the traditional features you have come to expect as well as a wide range of innovative next-generation features that you will soon wonder how you ever did without. Whether you are simply replacing an aging legacy voicemail system or building out centralized data centers for your entire organization in support of your private cloud initiatives, AVST has a solution to meet your scalability, business continuity and virtualization needs.

  Automated Attendant

Are you looking to accelerate information flow to your business? Why not enable your digital workplace with a speech-enabled directory? AVST has developed the industry’s most sophisticated speech and DTMF automated attendants that allow outside callers to quickly and easily access information without human intervention. Discover how our 30+ years of experience developing mission critical voice applications sets us apart.


In spite of many changes in communication technologies since the first fax was sent in the mid 1800s, fax remains an important method for exchanging information. Why? Because faxing is simple, delivery is confirmed, and faxed documents are legally binding. Faxing remains a universal method of document delivery with billions of faxes sent every year. Deploy the latest in digital faxing, with RightFax® — the leading fax solution on the market today

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