Over three decades of innovating the most powerful voice applications.


AVST offers the most powerful enterprise-class voicemail, automated attendant and fax solutions on the market. With three decades of continuous development, AVST's solutions enable the migration of first-generation messaging systems to next-generation UC deployments. Discover how AVST is the bridge that connects your past to your future.

Experienced and Innovative

  • Three decades developing best-of-breed voicemail and call processing solutions
  • 20 years developing best-of-breed unified messaging solutions
  • 15 years developing speech solutions
  • Ranked as a leader for best-of-breed voicemail by leading industry analysts
  • Thousands of platforms deployed worldwide, supporting 15 million users

Ideal Legacy voicemail Replacement

  • Minimize capital expenditure with unmatched interoperability
  • Deploy a full set of legacy and next-generation features developed over three decades
  • Optimize economics by utilizing AVST's a la carte licensing
  • Minimize end user retraining with legacy telephone user interface emulations (TUIs), including Octel Aria, Octel Serenade (VMX), Mitel NuPoint with Centigram Interface, Nortel Meridian Mail, Avaya INTUITY AUDIX, Adomo, Repartee and Kinesis
  • Scale up to 500 ports to meet your organization’s short- and long-term growth and centralization objectives
  • Support your business continuity and application disaster recovery objectives
  • Deliver multi-language support — US English, UK English, Arabic, Brazilian Portuguese, Cantonese, European Portuguese, Danish, Dutch, European Spanish, North American Spanish, Finnish, Canadian French, European French, German, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin, Norwegian, Russian, and Swedish
“In one year, CX-E paid for itself.”
— Simon Etta Department of Communications Services Office of the Comptroller City of Baltimore

voicemail Features:

  • Alternate Telephone User Interfaces (TUIs)
  • Multiple Personal Greetings
  • Out of Office Greeting
  • Out of Office General Introduction
  • General Introduction Greeting
  • Disable DTMF During Greetings
  • Quick Record for Greetings
  • Delete Personal Greeting Daily
  • Alternate Outside Caller Interfaces
  • Read, Unread and Saved Message Classification
  • Urgent Messages
  • User Tutorial
  • Auto Logon
  • Quick Logon
  • Bookmark – DTMF
  • Context Sensitive Help — DTMF
  • Fast Forward and Rewind — DTMF
  • Group Message Processing – DTMF
  • Message Presentation Ordering
  • Access Messages from Outside Callers – DTMF
  • Speed Control in TUI – DTMF
  • Transfer to Message Sender (Live Reply™) — DTMF
  • CX-E Alternate Addressing TUI
  • Concise Prompt Sets
  • Pause During Message Playback – DTMF
  • Pause Immediate Return – DTMF
  • Undelete a Message – DTMF
  • Web PhoneManager
  • Access Messages by Sender — DTMF
  • Automatic Envelope Information
  • Notification Before Message Auto-purge
  • Suppress Message Purge Announcement
  • Message Notification Filters
  • Message Waiting Indicator Control
  • SMS Message Notification
  • SMTP Message Notification
  • Message Notification Format Templates
  • Daily Message Reminder
  • Multilingual Application Support
  • Automatic Language Selection
  • TDD/TTY Protocol Support
  • Multiple Recordings and Greetings Per Language
  • Default Language Set per User
  • Multiple Subscriber Devices
  • Shared Extension Support
  • Visitor Mailboxes
  • Trusted Log-on Configuration
  • Return of Original Messages with Reply
  • Return Receipt (Registered Mail)
  • Recording Conversations (LiveRecord) — DTMF
  • Selectable Audio Codecs and Sampling Rates
  • 400+ Telephone System Integrations
  • Multiple Telephone System Integrations
  • Automatic Message Forwarding (AutoCopy)
  • Outbound Mailboxes
  • Distribution Lists
  • Distribution List Control
  • Future Delivery Messages
  • Message Privacy
  • Multiple Time Zone Support
  • Custom Display Name Format
  • Restrict Message Forwarding
  • Personal Operator

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AVST and XMedius have joined forces to offer a suite of secure enterprise-grade communications solutions, built for any industry.