AVST in Government

More than 1,400 federal, state and local government agencies rely on AVST’s communications solutions.

Government Overview

Government turns to AVST because its interoperable communications solutions are among the most trusted in the industry. With 35+ years in business and more than 15 million users, AVST is also considered a prudent choice because our solutions allow government agencies to maximize existing and future communications infrastructure investments. The U.S. General Services Administration (GSA), as well as CMAS in California, Ohio State Schedule, NY OGS, COSTARS and PEPPM in Pennsylvania have contracts in place with AVST to ensure streamlined purchasing of the company’s best-of-breed communications solutions.

Among the more than 1,400 federal, state and local government agencies that rely on AVST is the City of Baltimore. When the city’s technical team set out to find a communications solution, AVST came up early in the search thanks to the University of Maryland Baltimore and the top-ranked U.S. hospital who were both happy AVST customers.

“In one year, AVST’s CX-E paid for itself.”
— Simon Etta, Department of Communications Services, Office of the Comptroller, City of Baltimore

AVST helps bring government agencies into the future by building pioneering applications that easily fit into existing IT and telephony environments. By connecting new and existing technologies, we free customers from the constraints of a closed, single vendor lock-in approach and allow them to succeed with their business communications plans.

AVST solutions include:

UC Applications

Voice Messaging

Secure voice messaging for regulated industries

Mobile Client

Advanced mobile client delivering secure voice messaging

Personal Assistant

Speech-enabled, context-aware, enhances first-time call completion

Automated Attendant

Speech-enabled, sophisticated call processing, directories


Accelerate information flow to your customers

Unified Messaging

Unified messaging – Microsoft, Google – premise, cloud, hybrid

Call Center

Cost-effective, informal call center for knowledge workers


Outbound call notification for business process automation


Secure Fax over IP, including Fax mobile client

Government Contracts

AVST has negotiated competitive pricing with some states for public agencies that qualify. For more information, click the following links:

Government Resources