AVST in Healthcare

More than 1,600 healthcare facilities around the globe, including the #1 ranked U.S. hospital, use AVST’s communications solutions.

Healthcare Overview

Leading healthcare providers turn to AVST because the company’s interoperable communications solutions are among the most trusted in the industry. Unlike virtually every other unified communications vendor, we do not constrain customers with a single vendor lock-in approach. In fact, it's the very opposite. By connecting new and existing technologies, we free healthcare providers from the constraints of a closed, single-vendor lock-in approach. This open approach allows providers to successfully plan their roadmap to the future.

Sharp HealthCare is just one of more than 1,600 healthcare providers that have turned to AVST as the bridge to tomorrow. When Sharp wanted to transition from TDM to IP telephony switches, the San Diego-based provider conducted an extensive review process. In the end, AVST’s CX-E solution was selected in large part for resiliency and ability to cost effectively support the large healthcare provider’s migration.

Sharp also needed the highest level of interoperability due to its telecommunications and IT landscape that included a multitude of different vendor products. Our communications software platform integrates with Avaya, Cisco, Microsoft, NEC, Google and others, so providers like Sharp can keep their existing systems in place while at the same time deploying feature-rich healthcare applications in current environments. AVST offers the highest level of interoperability in the market today.

AVST has 35+ years in business and today we have more than 15 million global users who rely on our communications solutions. Our feature-rich applications include:

UC Applications

Voice Messaging

Secure voice messaging for regulated industries

Mobile Client

Advanced mobile client delivering secure voice messaging

Personal Assistant

Speech-enabled, context-aware, enhances first-time call completion

Automated Attendant

Speech-enabled, sophisticated call processing, directories


Accelerate information flow to your customers

Unified Messaging

Unified messaging – Microsoft, Google – premise, cloud, hybrid

Call Center

Cost-effective, informal call center for knowledge workers


Outbound call notification for business process automation


Secure Fax over IP, including Fax mobile client

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