Personal Assistant for Your Mobile Device

In today’s fast-paced world, everyone could benefit from a personal assistant to help get through the day a little more efficiently. Now, with AVST you can turn any phone into your very own trusted companion. Personal Assistant can be used in two ways:

  • Visual View of Personal Assistant on the Android and iPhone with AVST Mobile
  • Speech-Driven Personal Assistant on Any Device

Personal Assistant on Your Android and iPhone

AVST turns your Android and iPhone into your very own personal assistant. With AVST Mobile for CallXpress, you can take advantage of the many mobility features to boost your personal productivity. And AVST has made its mobile applications look and feel like the Android and iPhone interface. The result is an experience that is familiar to users making adoption much easier.

Runs Natively on the Most Popular Smartphone Devices

  • Android
  • iPhone

Mobile Number Protection

  • incoming and outgoing calls to your smartphone are routed through CallXpress, which protects your mobile number and displays your corporate phone number
  • Calls can be redirected based on availability settings for single number reach

Single Number Reach

  • Be reached anywhere with a single phone number
  • Maintain a single enterprise voicemail box
  • Manage both personal and business communications on a single device

Place, Receive and Manage Business Calls

  • Place outbound calls from your call log list, address book or keypad
  • Receive inbound calls and manage them through visual call screening

Visual Call Screening

  • Allows for visual identification of incoming calls to determine how to best address each call
  • Visual call screening puts you in control of your calls:
    • Accept the call
    • Reject the call and send to voicemail
    • Acknowledge the caller with a brief message
    • Transfer the call to another device
    • Transfer the call to another person
    • Accept and record the call

Visual Access to Enterprise Voicemails

  • View a list of new and saved voicemails
  • Synchronize with your business voicemail mailbox
  • Requires CallXpress to be configured using client-based unified messaging

Settings Management

  • Quickly change availability settings while on the go
  • Change voicemail greeting and mailbox settings

Speech-Driven Personal Assistant on Any Device

Leveraging state-of-the-art speech recognition technology, Personal Assistant extends the CallXpress speech interface with efficiency boosting features that increase employee responsiveness. Voice-activated management simplifies the task and ensures continued productivity – and complies with the hands-free mobile phone laws enacted in many states and countries.

Whether you are in the office, in your car, stuck in an airport, or someplace else without an Internet connection, CallXpress Personal Assistant is at your service to:

  • Listen to, create, change, or delete meetings and appointments
  • Accept or decline meeting requests from others
  • Call and manage your contacts
  • Route calls to the most appropriate telephone based on your location and availability
  • Notify you of missed calls
  • Perform interactive call screening to divert an incoming call to another person, or acknowledge a call with a brief message that is played to the caller before they are transferred to your voicemail
  • Transfer calls from your mobile phone to your office phone and vice versa
  • Record a conversation