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AVST Webinar
TeamQ: Call Center Solution for CX-E

Workplaces are changing. Quality service is imperative in today’s competitive business environment, but you don’t have to invest in a formal contact center to deliver it. Businesses are seeing a new generation of workers – from small structured organizations like an internal help desk, to unstructured teams of knowledge workers, such as sales, service or technical support personnel - who don’t operate like a formal contact center, but still handle multiple incoming service requests. Welcome TeamQ, a cost-effective informal call center solution.

Join the webinar to learn more:

  • Informal call center defined
  • Benefits of informal call centers
  • Cost analysis
  • TeamQ overview

Attendees will receive a free copy of the white paper, “Evaluating the ROI of Informal Call Centers” by Jay Lassman, UC Analyst.


TeamQ: Call Center Solution for CX-E - Video


TeamQ: Call Center Solution for CX-E - Slides